Are you starting a new job? Be careful and don’t screw up the butt

Are you starting a new job? Be careful and don’t screw up the butt
Are you starting a new job? Be careful and don’t screw up the butt

Have you decided to change jobs, or the situation has forced you to do so and you are nervous before starting a new job. Learn how to sleep as well as possible, how to approach the full set of tasks, how to behave. Ask how to show what you have in order to convince the new employer and your colleagues of your qualities. And so that you fall into the dark for a while.

How to do it? There is no universal advice. However, the HR personnel of the companies we contacted agree on many things. Enjoy the first weeks in the new position as much as possible. Jitka Soukov, marketing editor of the staff agency Grafton Recruitment, recommends that your colleagues know that you have only recently joined and are willing to help you.

When you don’t know, ask

Work hard from day one. You try to accept your work duties as quickly as possible and get involved in the activities of the dark. The shortcut will be proactive from the start. From the employees, I want to know about the job and want to learn and get to know them, to Lena Gerykova, personnel manager of the Solodoor company. Of course, there will be a lot of questions and inquiries. Each of us at our own pace. Some are faster, some are slower, some take it in right away, some need more time. The one who asks more decides not to be stupid. a hunter who usually makes mistakes. Not even that, reveals Gerykova. The employer has to deal with that too.

The same is observed in the other approached companies. It is definitely not acceptable for either side for a new colleague to beat someone for a long time and drag the team out for a full circle. With us, we avoid newcomers right from the start and encourage them not to ask, confirms Helena movsk, HR manager of the IT company Ness Czech.

Don’t throw your money into the water even at the Home Credit company. At the same time, expect an active approach on their part, an effort to learn new things. It’s better to ask, not to grind, not to marry and not to move, agree with Michal Fila, press release Home Credit. Peter Vavrda, executive editor of Alpha Czech, thinks that it is better to ask twice, not to do something that will suffer and as a result, the customer will be dissatisfied, and then not bother her.

Duet is the right time

It is not at all inappropriate to ask colleagues about extracurricular activities. If you can establish informal relationships with colleagues more quickly, you will work better for it. But it’s not good to so-called peplit.

Even the relationship with new colleagues should develop at a pace that is pleasant and acceptable to both parties. A little empathy always goes a long way. For example, if a colleague is working hard on a project template and the newcomer is running after them and asking them for help or constantly complaining about answers to an unbelievably large number of questions, they probably won’t become a rising star in the dark, warns Petra Slab, HR editor of OREA Hotels & Resorts. He points out that it is always good to find out what kind of situation the new employee is in, if and when they have an appointment with a new employee.

Don’t be afraid of a date with your partner

There is equal communication with the superior who knows the wheels. In a special case, meetings with the superintendent will be set as regular and during the trial period at relatively short intervals, for example once a week, to Soukov. If they are not and you are not sure about it, do not be afraid to apply for it yourself.

Even the excited ones take it for granted that as a newbie you can be insecure and they will support you in not asking for everything you need. We manage this way of work secretly, because it is decided that it is better to clarify the questions at the beginning of the work than to discuss it all, said Martina Machov, HR editor of Sodexo Benefits.

If he asks his crush out of a date just because he’s not quite sure about the next round, his crush should know that he’s probably picked the right one! No one is disappointed on both sides, no one is ever excited about anything, the employee pretends that he is in the clear and the result is not worth anything, Petra Horkov, the staff editor of the company Aramark, which runs restaurant and canteen businesses, agrees.

But Horkov added that everything should be done with peace. If the employee did not understand anything at first, such as an additional meeting, the question must be asked in such a way that it is completely clear. Likewise, he should also be excited, because he probably didn’t communicate as clearly as he should have, and then he should have paid more attention and time to the right one, explains Horkov.

I advise you to be careful with the past

Ambiguities and problems can also cause newbies to be confused by situations. How to behave in front of colleagues and superiors? And how to present you at meetings, for example, when I have the feeling that something is wrong, or I have the feeling that something is going wrong in the new company. How to behave in such a situation? Is it better to lead, or is it better to fight back?

When contacted, the personnel specialist agreed that the best thing about authenticity is not to play for anything, especially not to overdo it and not pretend to be someone else, but at the same time to consistently maintain a sincere and positive attitude. Another important point is due humility and respect, to try not to take it personally and to see that people do their work as best as they can and there is always room for something to praise or to take a special interest in the work of others, explains Slab.

The fact that someone knows how to do a job well is perhaps the reason they hired him, but he is determined to approach the performance of others with respect, added Slab. It’s telling that a new fov has to be careful about this, even if it’s true and they really did it better elsewhere.

For arrest, it is good to follow the basic rules of decency, to respect colleagues. If you have a representative work and project, you have ideas for a project, take a moment with their presentation, you will not have more information, Martina Machov advises. He explains that it’s great to drink with a new approach, but no one wants to hear that things have been going bad so far. there are probably reasons, that’s why it’s so and it’s unnecessary to confuse your colleagues from the first days. In case of changes, you will need them on your side.

HR manager of logistics company Geis CZ Jaroslava Indelov sees the same thing. Get new ideas, a new perspective on things, and gain experience. According to him, this can be a huge benefit for the new employer. A key element that you need to realize is that a company that has been operating for a long time has a particularly elaborate set of functional company processes. In particular, we worked on their development and implementation for a long time, and it is set to best suit the vtina’s settings, explains indel.

That’s why indel’s opinion is that a new employee should always ask whether all new initiatives can be acceptable and acceptable to the employer. And to be reasonable with the fact that I may not meet with a positive result.

Pyrogenity and pimen activity

Then lock yourself in your exit. Express yourself and when it is clear to me what you are asking for. Often, in an attempt to get the other person to agree, let’s say we know the answer to question two, but not the interviewer completely, we will miss him and we may end up not even answering what is being asked of us. Impetuousness in trying to get ahead, I would call it, to Soukov.

And four personal recommendations: don’t compare. Not out loud, not even just mentally to yourself. Past experiences are idealized for various reasons. In the case of new situations, we do not orientate ourselves in all contexts. Take the new job shortcut like anything else.

Thus, in the Uniqa store, originality is valued and activity is called for. Please, how can I get along with the world. Linings up and down are a warning not only from the working side, but also from the point of view of the meeting and functioning of the work team, to Eva Svobodov, press secretary of Uniqa pojiovna.

With us, the individual knowledge and abilities of an individual are always valuable, but only if the team’s game and fit is within the grasp of the given collective. If even a very gifted or well-funded expert does not respect the team and his colleagues, his added value is not enough for us, added Svobodov.

In other words, there was a vude-style moss, everyone knows, even if he did it a hundred times, it would not be the first way to show what’s in you. We appreciate the efforts, but the enthusiasm is not entirely to blame, confirms Janovec. But where is the right dream? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. After all, it is an innate human trait. We always show the world our beautiful TV, notes Lena Gerykova. but if something were really wrong, one of the colleagues or an enthusiastic newbie would be sensitive enough to point it out.

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