The police of the roads in the Netherlands wants to hire a search engine for reporting violations


Last year was really hot on the Dutch roads. The number of traffic accidents recorded here exceeded two thousandths, and collisions claimed 737 human lives here. This is a very bad record, the last time less than seven hundred deaths were recorded here in 2009.

Based on its own information, the Slachtofferhulp Fund, a non-profit social organization for the support of traffic accident victims, points out that it was not responsible for the current tragic balance of convicts and recidivists. Those who have been guilty in some serious way against road safety. Road pirates, collecting fines for speeding and notorious traffic offenders.

How do you want to explain to the remaining victims or to those who have permanent consequences after an innocent accident, that the same person who caused the tragedy with his cowardly behavior? asks Ineke Sybesma, editor of Fond Slachtofferhulp. It is essentially indefensible that such a person can take part in road traffic again at all, even if they do not have to prove their correction in any way.

Questions behind the steering wheel

an idea that causes a traffic accident, usually in the Netherlands, a court and a fat fine, and it is taken away from him, the idea is justified. After the legal deadline has passed, you can re-engage me for the return date. He will either receive it automatically from the administrative office, or he will have to take the exams again. Due to the protection of personal data, I do not have to report to them that the tests were faked or faked, and that the original ID was taken twice.

A full year for these individuals does not represent a challenge, he comments on the situation of the Dutch middle school and for the examination center. The problem with them is not a lack of technical knowledge or intellectual ability, but rather their behavior. And we won’t reveal that in the exams either.

The monitoring device would monitor the driving of the problem areas from the outside of the car.

The fact that this filter repeatedly fails, and after a while the perpetrators of so-called traffic offenses get on the road again, their behavior often leads to some kind of fatal accident caused a wide discussion.

It was also reflected in the creation of the National Action Plan for the Safety of Road Traffic, government debates and one in the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament. And first there, the proposal of the non-profit Fond Slachtofferhulp received strong support.

In short: people who have committed a so-called traffic accident could be required by the court to install a monitoring device in their car. Which would control their driving and test the mucus. You about pekroen speed. Vtina, a member of the House of Commons, spoke in favor of the proposal, which requires the support of the middle class for the examination center.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Ministry of Justice and Security also issued concurring opinions.

The instrument of supervision and the duration of the pevchov

Argue the necessary prevention, increasing the safety of road traffic and reducing the number of traffic accidents. I don’t chastise you for a long time. Surveillance could have prevented the loss of 150 human lives. Therefore, in the event of a violation of traffic regulations, the driver-recidivist would be responsible for the driver’s license in an accelerated manner.

The proposal for the mandatory installation of monitoring equipment may affect people who have been involved in traffic accidents.

The Slachtofferhulp Fund added that several organizations are currently involved in the development of such surveillance equipment and are testing its technical aspects. Dark test operation of twenty prototypes should take place this year. The device should also serve as a lock, which does not let the idea start and drive away after the prescription is violated.

But these are details that are still waiting for one. It is not clear, however, whether the judges would deposit this measure automatically, for how long, on expenses. It is uncertain whether, according to the legislative side of things, monitoring should be forced by law or by law. If the proposal is to support it as part of corrective measures, it should also be included in the Road Traffic Act and enshrined in the criminal code.

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