Lago Maggiore: Three spies died in an accident on the lake!


The sixteen-meter vessel was rented on Sunday by “tourists” to celebrate their birthdays, and despite the unfavorable weather forecast, they set out on the water. However, during the evening’s entertainment, they were hit by a violent storm (and possibly a tornado), in which the ship capsized and sank to a depth of 16 meters.

Two dozen people managed to be saved, either they swam to the shore themselves, or other ships picked them up. But four people drowned and one has not yet been found. One of the victims is the Russian Anna Božkovová (†50), mate of the ship’s captain. The next three dead are of course former and current spies of the Italian and Israeli secret services! Claudio Alonzi (†62) and Tiziana Barnobiová (†53) worked for the local Servizi Segreti, Ereze Shimoni (†50) was a retired veteran of the Israeli Mossad!

Actually, nothing is (unsurprisingly) known about them – except that Barnobi had a 13-year-old son. “Mr. Alonzi was such a low-key man. All we know is that he went to work in Rome early in the morning and returned late in the evening.” said the mayor of Alatri, where he lived. Everything went awry when journalists became suspicious of the magnitude of the rescue operation and the investigation; at the entrances to the local ports, a number of cars from all the Italian security forces were parked.

The police also stubbornly refused to answer questions. “Two intelligence officers who were attending a friendly gathering to celebrate the birthday of one of the group’s men have died,” the Italian intelligence service finally admitted reluctantly.

An accident or…?

Of course, there is a suspicion that something more than just a storm is behind the accident and that the recovery of the wreck from the bottom did not hinder the thorough underwater search and “cleaning” of the ship. After all, all the other survivors worked for the secret services, except for the captain…

The investigation will certainly revolve around Captain Carlo Carminati (53). He will have trouble at least because he allowed 23 people to board, although only 15 passengers are allowed, and the number of life jackets corresponded to that. They also have to explain if the ship hit something and what exactly happened.

Cruise ship accident on Lago Maggiore with four dead

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