Hell, Sparta vs Slavia, butt-slapping and other inventions! RedFace reveals a new concept

Hell, Sparta vs Slavia, butt-slapping and other inventions! RedFace reveals a new concept
Hell, Sparta vs Slavia, butt-slapping and other inventions! RedFace reveals a new concept

A while back we informed you that RedFace’s first Slap Tournament was officially cancelled, leaving ticket holders with several options to request a refund. So it seemed that as quickly as the organization appeared, it would disappear as quickly, but the opposite is true. The organization confirmed the big changes and recently announced the first tournament that will offer the new concept.

“Disgust and bottom!” wondered promoter Ondřej Novotný in disappointment

“The gala event, which is called Red Face Reloaded, will be in the spirit of one of the popular Matrix Reloaded trilogy. The new concept of the Red Face organization will present professional MMA matches on July 24 at the UNYP Arena from 7:00 p.m.

You can look forward to interesting faces representing the combat sport of MMA: Lucie Pudilová, David Hošek, Patrik Jevický, David Marcin, Vít Mrákota, David Marcina. Gabriel Castillio Vargas and others will visit us from Cuba. You can also look forward to interesting names from the world of influencers and well-known personalities: Tomáš Chlup, Robert Rosenberg, Pavel Novotný, Max Green, Koleso, Uhlířka, Kafuu, and more.” beckons RedFace on the Ticketportal website, where you can buy tickets, the prices of which range from 490 to 20,000 CZK. Instead of slapping, which ran into the relevant law, we should mainly get MMA, boxing and the like.

“We sat down and said: No one goes to boxing, OKTAGON is number one in MMA. No one will come to other organizations here. We will make it so that people are interested. Clash is running, see how Attila’s Fight Night Challenge works. We want to combine one with the other, both professional and entertainment, to make it attractive for the spectators and mainly to attract boxing amateurs. We want to raise the box, despite those influencers like Koleso, we want to diversify the card a bit. But mainly to bring out and show professional wrestlers one of the promoters, Petr Diviš, revealed to iSport.cz.

However, the thoughts of slapping are still there, “We are talking about maybe doing it under another organization. We worked on slapped, slapped, for a year straight. We didn’t do anything else, we had doctors arranged, wrestlers had examinations, resonances, which cost a ridiculous amount of money to fulfill everything. Maybe we’ll get back to slapping one day, but at this point it’s a question. Maybe the legislation will change.

In Poland, a boy (Artur Walczak) died, slapping was banned completely and it will never be there again, the owner is locked up. Maybe the gentleman really enlightened us: Peter, you’d better go do MMA and boxing, because this is dangerous. When I think back on it, it’s really a bit dangerous, even if you have protectors on, anything can happen. Getting slapped would be something that no one here does yet, but it doesn’t look like it at this point.’

So what awaits us at the first tournament? For example, the fight in Hell, which is a meter by meter cage in which the freaks Koleso and MacGreen meet. There will also be a 3 vs 3 fight on the theme of Sparta vs Slavia. A slapped face will certainly attract a lot of attention, but not over the cheeks, but over the ass, which will be taken care of by the creators of spicy content. Lucie Pudilová is also taking part in the event, who is expected to compete in grappling, as her UFC contract would certainly not allow her to do MMA.

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