Slovak MMA fighter who survived his own death: A date in a hyperbaric chamber and a return to exercise!


It has not been long since the Czech and Slovak public was shocked by the story of MMA fighter Štefan Bazs. The tattooed muscleman couldn’t wait to make his dream come true in the form of a professional cage debut at the end of May. Instead, three weeks before the scheduled match, he ended up on ARO due to a serious injury with mechanical damage to the carotid artery.

“His brain was deprived of blood and oxygen for an incredible ten hours. Due to interruption of blood circulation, Štefan suffered brain ischemia. Due to increasing pressure in his skull and massive brain swelling, doctors had to remove part of his skull. The consequences were fatal… The entire left hemisphere died. His right arm and leg remained motionless.” stated Štefan’s loving partner Michaela for the website.

The wrestler underwent four amputations in a short period of time and spent more than a quarter of a year in the hospital. He lost both legs and part of his skull.

“All the while, Štefan was dealing with other complications, namely repeated bilateral pneumonia, non-healing wounds, blood poisoning, unrelenting fevers and high blood pressure,” described the Slovak wrestler’s girlfriend.

Bazso returned home after a few months in the summer, where his love takes care of him. The caring Míša is a huge support for the wrestler. It helps him not only in the demanding rehabilitation, but also to psychologically manage the return to life, which unfortunately will not be the same again due to the horror injury.

The young woman documents Štefan’s journey on her Instagram, where she adds very powerful photos. “We had our first date in the hyperbaric chamber today,” writes Míša next to a picture of her sweetheart undergoing one of the many procedures.

Stefan Bazso

The aforementioned hyperbaric chamber is intended to protect patients from the development of heart attack, stroke or acute respiratory diseases.

“The first cycle is over. We believe that it will speed up the healing process of wounds and bedsores, and above all, it will help the brain.” reports Štefan’s love, which even regularly orders a barber to his beloved’s home to make the former wrestler feel as good as possible.

Stefan Bazso

The Slovak athlete is apparently making great progress in rehabilitation as well. He regularly exercises in bed under the supervision of experts and is rewarded with rides around the city with his Míša.

“We make each other happy,” writes a brave young woman on her profile who never for a second thought about leaving Štefan alone in his fight.

Stefan Bazso

“We are getting used to our new life. It’s a change, we won’t lie, but we are all the more eager to work on improving Štefan’s condition. He still struggles with the complicated healing of amputation wounds and bedsores. However, slowly but surely it is getting better,” wrote Štefan’s partner recently on the server, where people can still send money for the demanding treatment of the Slovak batterer.

Stefan Bazso

There are currently almost 39,000 euros in the transparent account, which translates to almost a million crowns. The target amount is set at 50 thousand euros.

In addition to financial donations, Štefan’s girlfriend is also asking for various tips from people. For example, she recently inquired about a good speech therapist who deals with people with aphasia, i.e. a disorder in the production and understanding of speech.

“What is new here is Štev’s return to his beloved exercise, even if it is a slightly different form of exercise than he was used to. His lifelong love of movement and sports cannot be denied. He practices diligently and progresses every single day. Despite these great advances, Števo is still dependent on our round-the-clock care,” the caring partner writes on the website.

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