The new FORUM Weekly warns of growing anti-Semitism

The new FORUM Weekly warns of growing anti-Semitism
The new FORUM Weekly warns of growing anti-Semitism

Even then, before the second war, there had to be someone who first said it out loud, someone who crossed out the Jewish star on the shop window. Such a gentleman as Dušan Víglaský, who sells dolls, teddy bears, toy cars, trains and puzzles and unfortunately also presents political opinions on the pages of his e-shop. Like, for example, that Israel is committing genocide in Palestine. “What we can read on the pages of the Dráčik toy store,” states editor-in-chief Pavel Šafr in his editorial, speaks of a specifically Slovak type of anti-Semitism, which is related to ultra-conservative Catholicism, of which the Pope in Rome would definitely be ashamed.

“I’m looking for a dark corner again, where I could embrace one day there in Karviná,” once sang a popular band. This time, he is not looking for a dark corner of the Yo Yo Band, but officials of the local football club with direct ties to local politicians, who, according to our paper’s findings, figure in several construction companies that collect tens of millions from the city coffers. It’s a pretty scary read about what kind of people sit in the town hall of this North Moravian city.

The spicy meeting was initiated by Jiří X. Dolžal, when after forty-four years he reunited with his elementary school classmate Michal Dočekal, who once gave him the role to later become the head of Drama at the Prague National Theater for thirteen years. The theater actor reminisces about his beginnings and says, among other things: I experienced the fall of communism. I thought it would be the greatest socio-political experience of my life. Unfortunately, the present denied it. What we are experiencing now is unprecedented, and it is comparable to the fall of communism. Only with the opposite sign.’

Wondering which London exhibition is sold out until the end of its run in February next year? Yes, it is a commemorative exhibition of fashion design icon Coco Chanel. Because her legacy is clearly not fading, this time they dedicated a portrait to a woman who liked the number five. But that probably won’t surprise anyone. As the author writes: “Chanel N° 5 was born in 1921. It became the most famous perfume of all time, a symbol of luxury and elegance. It is still one of the best-selling perfumes in the world. The divine Marylin Monroe herself once, when asked what she wore to bed, replied: ‘All I need is two drops of Chanel No. 5.'”

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