355 crowns. With the current prices for a kilogram of goose, the taste passes for many


photo: Barbora Novotná, PrahaIN.cz/Goose in Lidl in 2022

On November 11, they will celebrate the feast of St. Martin. This day marks the beginning of winter. Perhaps more than winter, people look forward to St. Martin’s goose or wine. Those who want to prepare goose at home may be unpleasantly surprised at the store. Its price rose sharply again. According to the popular saying, whoever does not take it, on the other hand, will starve for the whole year.

We were already surprised last year that we couldn’t find a single piece for less than a thousand. At that time, it became more expensive by one hundred percent, a kilogram cost around 220 crowns, a year earlier it was less than 110 crowns.

But the stores did not complain about less interest.

“Customers’ interest in goose meat is comparable to previous years. Prices are subject to market conditions, but our primary goal remains to provide customers with the highest quality at the lowest possible price. That is also why we have currently reduced the price of chilled goose from 229 crowns to 219 crowns per kilogram,” Lidl’s press spokesman Tomáš Myler told us last year. Makro and Kaufland responded similarly.

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We also looked at the prices this year. Lidl, Tesco, Albert and Penny do not have goose on offer for now. But it is available.

It is offered, for example, by a farm in Zakšín or Bílá Kostel. On the website SvatomartinskaHusa.cz there was a favorable price of 305 crowns for one kilogram, but it was only valid in pre-sale until the end of the holidays.

We can currently buy it for 335 crowns per kilogram, and from the first of November we will pay an extra 20 crowns.

Baked goose for 2,900 crowns

We would thus pay more than 1,700 crowns for a normal five-kilogram goose. But those interested should hurry, there are only a few free pieces left in the calendar.

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It can also be bought on the Rohlík.cz server. A kilogram costs three hundred without ten pennies. But it is currently sold out. Košík.cz has a goose from Poland for 316 crowns per kilo.

Smíchovské sausages sell it for 349 crowns per kilogram.

The lowest price for a frozen goose is offered by Makro, where it is on sale until November 7 and costs 181 crowns per kilogram.

We were also interested in the prices of St. Martin’s menus in restaurants, but most of them have not published them yet.

For now, we found the St. Martin’s menu in Svatojánské Dvór in Střížkov, where they serve a whole goose with a variation of dumplings and cabbage for 2,900 crowns. The terrible restaurant Vidličky a nože also beckons with a similar menu. The price has not yet been determined.

But it is almost clear that compared to last year, the food will be more expensive again this year.

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