Diabetes is an epidemic that we cannot stop, kaj lkai. It also threatens the heart

Diabetes is an epidemic that we cannot stop, kaj lkai. It also threatens the heart
Diabetes is an epidemic that we cannot stop, kaj lkai. It also threatens the heart

According to the Czech Statistical Association, heart attacks, strokes and heart failure are common and 45 percent die. There have been a number of such deaths in recent years, but type 2 diabetes remains one of the risk factors.

In 2019, one in eleven adults in the world suffered from diabetes, a total of 463 million people. By 2045, up to 300 million people could become diabetic, so one in ten adults could suffer from the disease. Roughly 6.7 million people died as a result of this disease, and the cost per capita represents 9 percent of health care spending.

At this moment, we cannot stop the epidemic, said the head of the VFN Diabetological Center and the chairman of the Czech Diabetological Society, Martin Przn. According to him, doctors have the means to slow down the spread of the disease, but it will not work without modern procedures and better information for the patient.

We want people to realize that having diabetes is not a disaster and it is not always their fault. So they should know that something can be done there, said Przn.

According to experts, people with diabetes also have cardiovascular disease. If you have diabetes, you have twice the risk of developing heart disease or a stroke than someone who doesn’t have it – even at a young age, points out doctor Michal Vrablk from III. intern of the clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, UK.

One of the biggest risks for diabetics is atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. According to Prznho, it progresses much faster in diabetics, but not in others. Nine out of ten people with type 2 diabetes suffer from atherosclerosis.

According to statistics, diabetes shortens the life of both men and women. According to Vrablek, however, this can be prevented with proper diagnosis. we can extend the life of a diabetic quite effectively. But what he can’t do is make life as efficient as people who don’t suffer from diabetes, said Vrablk. The patient’s quality of life is then very often limited, because the person at risk of such a disease cannot be identified.

Family status and distance are due

According to the diabetologist, a minor complication could be attributed to diabetes. According to Prznho, a large influence, for example, is limited by physical activity. However, the patient’s family and financial status as well as his/her achievements should also be considered. If we are to be in lb spn, we have to focus on all the elements at once, said Przn.

Bad about how we have risk factors under control. The problem with asthma, however, is that people with diabetes often don’t give enough care to their heart health. Just focus on controlling your blood sugar and forget about the risk of heart disease. This is a mistake, because heart problems are the main cause of death in diabetics, said Przn.

According to Przno, great progress has been made in the field of innovative treatments for diabetes and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases associated with it. For example, a new liver, known as GLP-1, has shown a positive effect on reducing the risk of heart disease in diabetics. Among other things, it can help control blood sugar levels and suppress appetite.

According to experts, the patient’s involvement is due. According to Prznho, the doctor should provide the patient with comprehensive information so that he can make a decision about the choice. People should actively search for information about their illness.

This is also confirmed by Sparrow. In the Czech system of petrvv nzor, the disease is taken care of by the nurse and not by the patient. It’s not like that. Health is our greatest intrinsic value and it is in the hands of the patient, he added.

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