Insta Crime Podcast: Brutal murder of Dagmar, her husband stomped on her


Petr Gola lived in Pržno in Frýdecko-Místek with his wife Dagmar and four children. But he was a violent man and brutally beat his partner, even in front of the children. The woman ended up in the emergency room several times. Everything culminated in 2012. After an argument, Gola attacked Dagmar in such a brutal way that she did not survive the attack. He put her body on the bed. Desperate children tried in vain to wake up their mother. The corpse lay in the house for several days.

The couple had one-year-old twins together in 2012, and Dagmar took care of two more children from a previous marriage. Gola physically abused the woman since 2009 in such a way that she ended up in the emergency room several times. Once he even tore out her liver. In addition, the attacks took place in front of children.

Everything culminated on July 22, 2012. According to Gola, the woman came home drunk and insulted him. He claimed he hit her and only later found out she was dead. According to forensic experts, he attacked her in a completely aggressive and brutal manner. He was supposed to bang his partner’s head on the floating floor, kick her all over the body, including the head, he was also supposed to step on the woman’s body with his full weight and stomp on her head.

Dagmar suffered for many tens of minutes, or even hours. Gola caused her lacerations and cuts as well as fractures. She suffered a contusion of the brain with massive bleeding and an extensive laceration of the liver.

After the murder, the rapist put the corpse in the bed and lived with it for about four days. The poor children repeatedly tried to wake up their mother. Then Gola confided what he had done to his mother, together they cleaned the dead body in the boiler room and the killer escaped.

Gol’s mother then called the social worker and Dagmar left and left the children there. The children confided in the worker that they couldn’t wake up their mother, and she then discovered a corpse in the boiler room. The brutal killer Gola was eventually sentenced to 22 years in prison.

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Peter Gola

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