Fighting between Israel and Hamas: The first foreigners arrived in Egypt from the Gaza Strip


On Wednesday, 60 trucks with humanitarian aid entered the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing. First humanitarian aid from October 7, it reached the Gaza Strip only on October 21, but since then only about 200 aid trucks have arrived there.

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The Gaza Strip has been facing massive Israeli bombardment since brutal attack by Hamas on southern Israel of October 7, during which 1,400 people died, including women and children. Almost 8,800 people, including 3,648 children, have died in Israeli shelling, which has been accompanied by a ground operation by the Israeli army in recent days, the Palestinian authorities announced today in the Gaza Strip, where Hamas has ruled since 2007.

Authorities in Gaza also said Wednesday that the bombing and Israeli blockade of the Strip have already taken 16 out of a total of 35 hospitals in this area out of service.

Bombardment of Jabalia camp

Hamas he also announced that Israel bombed the Jabalia refugee camp in the north of the Strip for the second day today, which he said caused an as yet unspecified number of victims. At least 50 people were killed in Tuesday’s bombing of the camp, according to the Israeli military, “50 terrorists” who lost their lives in the destruction of the Hamas base. Hamas said that seven civilian hostages, including three with foreign passports, also died during Tuesday’s shelling of Jabalia.

A representative of the political wing of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, Ghazi Hamad, threatened that the group would repeat the bloody attack on Israel it carried out on October 7 and expressed its desire to destroy Israel.

The head of diplomacy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, expressed dismay at the high number of victims of the shelling of the Jabaliya camp and recalled that the EU has repeatedly called for a humanitarian pause.

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The Israeli military says it has destroyed a large part of Hamas infrastructure in recent days. Defense Minister Joav Galant said the military had made “significant progress” in the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, which he has been leading since Friday, hitting “terrorists at all levels, from fighters in the field to high-ranking (Hamas officials).” He added that Israel is paying for the operation, the number of Israeli soldiers killed in the ground operation has risen to 16 today, in total over 330 Israeli soldiers have died since the Hamas attack on Israel.

A large-scale ground operation

Israel leads from Friday a large-scale ground operation in the north of the Gaza Strip. Another 12 Israeli soldiers died during it on Tuesday and on the night of Wednesday, making a total of 327 Israeli soldiers killed since the Hamas attack on Israel, according to Israeli sources. On Wednesday, an Israeli spokesman announced that since October 7, the army had hit over 11,000 targets associated with Hamas.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahyan discussed the situation in Gaza in Ankara with his Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan. The head of Iranian diplomacy then addressed another warning to Israel if it continues its attacks in the Gaza Strip. According to him, this will have “harsh consequences”.

Both ministers called for the organization of a regional conference in order to prevent the spread of the conflict to other countries Middle East. “This inhumane siege and attacks against our brothers in Gaza are a clear violation of international law,” said Fidan, who said the West was applying a “double standard” in response to the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza.

Israeli soldiers patrol a street in Sderot, near the border with Gaza

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On the night of Wednesday, Chile and Colombia accused Israel of violating humanitarian law, and because of this they summoned their ambassadors from Israel for consultations. Another South American country, Bolivia, severed diplomatic relations with Israel on Tuesday. Jordan also announced today that it has withdrawn its ambassador from Israel in protest of Israel’s continued bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

The Czech Republic will be the voice of Israel in Europe, the Czech Prime Minister said Peter Fiala on the Old Town Square in Prague at a gathering of several hundred people who expressed their support for Israel. Around 200 people gathered in Prague’s Wenceslas Square in the evening to support the Palestinians in the Middle East conflict.

Declaration of a general strike

Due to Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip and extensive army raids in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Authority, based in Ramallah in the West Bank, declared a general strike. Shops, banks and universities remained closed in this area. Since October 7, the army has arrested over 1,000 Palestinians in the West Bank, of which 700 were linked to Hamas, according to Israeli authorities.

120 Palestinians have died in the West Bank since October 7, most killed by Israeli soldiers, but according to Palestinian sources, several became victims of violence by radical Jewish settlers.

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