‘This isn’t even about Hamas’

‘This isn’t even about Hamas’
‘This isn’t even about Hamas’

British journalist Piers Morgan has been known to make controversial statements over the years, but he is currently considered the best interviewer in the world. An honor that was once bestowed upon the likes of Larry King, Howard Stern, and even Jordi Evole in Spain. Since the war in Gaza broke out between Israel and Hamas, Morgan has made it his mission to invite people from both sides of the conflict to give their views on a matter that is as old as it is complicated. Two weeks ago, Morgan interviewed Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef, who became famous in the West due to his close friendship with a fellow political satirist Jon Stewart. That interview amassed 20 million views on Youtube alone over the last two weeks.

Piers Morgan makes the trip to Los Angeles to interview Youssef

During that interview, Youssef did a brilliant satirical presentation that portrayed both his desperation and his content over the situation between Hamas and Israel. At the very center of this conflict, innocent civilians have lost their lives, but Palestinians have quadruple casualty numbers compared to Israeli civilians from the October 7 attacks. The most famous quote from that first interview was a direct reference to the satirical commentary that ‘The Boys‘ series is about super heroes. This is his quote: “You think Israel is Superman when they’re really Homelander.” It was arguably one of the most brilliant political satire performances in modern history because it came from a real life story of pain and suffering. But Youssef told Piers he felt at a disadvantage for not even having a monitor to see the journalist as they spoke.

In order to fix those technical issues, Morgan promised to give Youssef a second round but in a face-to-face interview. The result was a nuanced conversation that hopefully can give the Western civilization a chance to see the whole picture of what’s taking place in Gauze. The tone of this interview was far more analytical and not as hot-headedly responsive from Youssef’s part. He felt more comfortable having Morgan in front of him and was able to explain the reason he is completely against both sides of this conflict But also, he made it abundantly clear that Israeli Jews people adopt a historically racist rhetoric against their own people who don’t have the same skin color. Morgan kept asking Youssef to come up with an answer of a peoper response from Israel after the October 7 attacks from Hamas. But instead, he got a history lesson from a Muslim who has the American citizenship.

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