What did the beauty who was the model for the Statue of Liberty look like? Today, men would go crazy for her

What did the beauty who was the model for the Statue of Liberty look like? Today, men would go crazy for her
What did the beauty who was the model for the Statue of Liberty look like? Today, men would go crazy for her

The Statue of Liberty is a national symbol of the USA that attracts millions of visitors every year. From his pedestal on Ellis Island looking at New York. It was officially opened in 1886, in 1924 it was declared a national monument. Hidreley artist Leli Dião has now brought her face to life.

He used modern technology to reimagine the statue as a flesh-and-blood woman. He shared the remarkable image on social networks. “With the advent of artificial intelligence, we realized that almost anything is possible. So I decided bring historical figures to life smiles the Brazilian. There are a lot of opinions in the comments below his piece, but one keeps repeating: “Why does she look like Penelope Cruz?” people ask. They agree that today’s men would go crazy for her.

Someone thinks it’s a man

When the Statue of Liberty was first unveiled, there was immediate speculation about who it resembled. Some people suggested celebrities or other works of art, while others went so far as to claim that it was actually a man. Mainly because of the strong jaw and very serious expression.

Admittedly, her face can be quite daunting up close. He looks serious, determined. She doesn’t smile, she doesn’t have a sparkle in her eyes, he doesn’t even pose like many other female statues. But it has logic – after all, it is supposed to express a long and difficult path to freedom. Either way, you can be sure that the model was definitely not a man.

Is she the sculptor’s mother?

It is hard to imagine what the Statue of Liberty would look like in reality. This video links to Lady Liberty. Could it be her? Maybe. There is a common saying among writers – “write what you know”. In this case, Bartholdi’s idea was to sculpt what he knew. So it seems that there is really only one person, which the Statue of Liberty most closely resembles. Although never formally confirmed, many people believe that there is a significant resemblance between the artwork and Bartholdi’s mother, Augusta Charlotte.

Compared to the face of the statue, Charlotte Bartholdi’s portrait looks almost identical. The stern eyes, long nose and firm jaw show that must have had some influence on the design. Bartholdi had to think a lot when coming up with the design of the statue. Fortunately for him, there were already a number of figures and monuments dedicated to freedom around the world. Each of them probably served as inspiration for Bartholdi’s final design.

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