It’s terrible when your child dies

It’s terrible when your child dies
It’s terrible when your child dies

November 2, 2023·Celebrities·Editorial office

Anička has cancer again (Source: Profimedia)

At the beginning of October, the actress and singer Anička Slováčková announced that her cancer had returned. After beating breast cancer, she is now battling lung cancer. Anička fights as hard as she can and her family, including her mother Dáda Patrasová, helps her in her efforts.

Dáda Patrasová attended the funeral of Eduard Krečmar (†81), where Felix Slováček played the saxophone. She took the well-known lyricist’s departure very hard. “I take Ed’s departure very badly. Whenever someone who is kind, good, honest and also such an artist as he was dies, it is very sad.” she confided to Lightning after the ceremony was over.

Dada is not going through an easy period at all. Anička’s cancer has returned, this time in her lungs. And the actress tries to be here now mainly for her daughter. “The feeling I’m experiencing cannot be described in words. You can’t even tell what’s going on inside of you,” admitted Dada, who spoke publicly for the first time since the diagnosis was announced. “Anička is experiencing the disease for the second time. The second time she hit very badly. Anička is very brave and just tries to live as well as she can. And I would give my life for my child to be healed! It’s terrible when your child dies…” a devastated Dada yelled at the camera.

The Slováčk family often had to fight, often did not stick together, but Anička’s overwhelming illness brought them together. “We pray for Anička every day, not only in church,” Felix Slováček confided. At the same time, Dada asks everyone to think of Anička and support her in their thoughts and hearts.

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