It’s terrible when your child dies –

It’s terrible when your child dies –
It’s terrible when your child dies –

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The last farewell to the lyricist Eduard Krečmar (†81) left a deep impression on the present Dagmar Patrasová (67). During the ceremony in the Evangelical church, she prayed not only for the deceased Krečmar, but also for her daughter Anička Slováčková (28), who is fighting aggressive lung cancer. Blesk newspaper wrote about it.

On the last trip Eduard Krečmar accompanied by a saxophonist Felix Slovacek (80)while Dáda Patrasová was crying in the back pew. Both of them have an affliction that no parent wants to experience.During parting Patras remained sitting motionless with her gaze fixed on the altar, as if she was trying to find strength in her prayers for what was currently weighing her down the most – her daughter’s insidious illness Annies. The cancer returned a second time, this time in the lungs, and Dada tries to be a support for her daughter.

It’s terrible when your child dies

The feeling I am experiencing cannot be described in words. You can’t even tell what’s going on inside you“said a broken Dada to Bleska, who spoke publicly for the first time since the announcement of her daughter’s diagnosis and once again did not hold back tears. She emotionally talked about what she had been carrying deep inside for a long time.

Anička is experiencing the disease for the second time. And the second time it is very difficult for her,” she stated sadly. “Anička is very, very brave and just tries to live as well as she can…” Patrasová added, tears streaming down her face. “And I would give my life for my child to be healed! It’s terrible when your child dies…

Interview with Felix Slováček:

Anička’s father, Felix Slováček, would do the same immediately. “It is said that it is far more aggressive in young people than in older people, so I would probably take it much more than Budgerigar“, he said in an interview for “Of course, she has had one treatment, so she knows exactly what awaits her, but it is definitely not a win that she already knows something. Anička is a heroine, but you know that, it’s all a matter of luck” you lamented.

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