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The topic of compliance with traffic regulations is still on the agenda. As much as the numbers of serious fatal accidents may be decreasing according to the statistics, even one single victim is too many. No one needs to die on the roads needlessly. And not at all out of malice, reckless behavior and irresponsibility. Accidents and driving offenses are handled both by us and by our neighbors. In Poland, they have increasingly urgent and serious problems.

Drivers violate traffic regulations and drink alcohol before driving

Not only has compliance fallen, but one of the most serious problems on Polish roads, drink driving, is becoming an increasing problem. According to the local police, in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship from January to the end of August this year, there were 39 traffic accidents related to driving under the influence alcohol. These figures include incidents that resulted in loss of life and serious injuries.

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Drunk drivers who dare to get behind the wheel are a growing problem. This problem is estimated to be getting worse, and there are no signs yet that the situation is on the way to improvement. A total of 2,244 drivers who drove with alcohol in their blood were arrested in the aforementioned Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship alone. This is a statistic only on a local basis, however it gives an idea of ​​how serious the problem can be on a national level.

The police decided to act in the fight against undisciplined and dangerous drivers. He plans to increase controls and impose severe penalties on those who drive under the influence of alcohol. This the effort should contribute to increasing road safety and reducing the number of tragic traffic accidents. Tougher penalties and increased controls can help, but the ultimate goal should be to create a road safety culture where all drivers obey the rules and are considerate of other road users.

Some nations simply cannot tolerate alcohol, even before driving

If the Poles get up from their glasses of schnapps and realize that alcohol behind the wheel is evil? Hard to guess, hard not to be skeptical. Alcohol behind the wheel is a problem here too. An example is the accident from last month. The driver of an Alfa Romeo passenger vehicle on Class I road No. 35 in the direction from Hodkovice nad Mohelkou to Liberec collided with the front of his car into a BMW driving in the right lane of the same direction.

What happened next was a matter of time. After the collision, the driver drove to the left, hit the guardrails and was thrown by them to the right side of the road. The BMW crossed into the left lane and came to rest in the left lane after hitting the center barriers. The motorist in the Alfa Romeo inhaled 1.73 per thousand. And that wasn’t all. The police found out that the man did not have a driver’s license for the given group of motor vehicles. That’s still not all, the perpetrator himself admitted that he had already committed another traffic accident that day, from which he got away.

andPhoto source: Police of the Czech Republic

Given the level of alcohol in his blood, it can be expected that the man will leave the court possibly with a prison sentence. The police then quite relevantly warn against alcohol, even residual alcohol. He writes on his website that alcohol and other addictive substances affect the way you drive. The driver easily becomes apathetic, there is a general depression and even driving skills are overestimated. An increased level of alcohol in the driver’s blood causes tunnel vision. The so-called residual alcohol is equally treacherous. Due to its influence, the driver easily misses anything and the consequences can be fatal in some cases. You can only sign under it.

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