EZ actions vs. AMD /valued/ – EZ shares

EZ actions vs. AMD /valued/ – EZ shares
EZ actions vs. AMD /valued/ – EZ shares

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EZ actions vs. AMD /appreciated/

AMD makes AI accelerators. Large ones are needed in supercomputers and small ones in processors. In about a year, he will introduce processors that will have AI computing units several times more powerful than those of Apple chips…. So even on the x86 platform, AI coprocessors will be freely available to users. And Nvidia has some problems with professional AI units, which will probably further strengthen AMD’s position. Intel has not been doing very well in CPUs in recent years, and not so much with AI hardware…. AI is partly hype, yes, but it will change a lot of things quite quickly. This was already claimed about 30 years ago, but at that time PMN suffered from deeply inadequate HW performance. We are now at a level where freely available HW could be enough for free applications. Lawyers, accountants, middle administrative workers will have hot moments… And also some creative people, copywriters and so on… And also some programmers. We already know that AI is used as an aid in programming more complex SQL queries.

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