Nvrhka Loudov goes to the house with her family. They built it themselves in a bvalm field

Nvrhka Loudov goes to the house with her family. They built it themselves in a bvalm field
Nvrhka Loudov goes to the house with her family. They built it themselves in a bvalm field

The land on which the house stands today was given to Martina’s manel by her father, and originally there was only a field where potatoes were grown. The construction of the house began over twenty years ago, and gradually the house and other buildings were added.

Martin’s husband had a degree in the construction industry, so he managed to get the job done on the construction site alone, he had one bricklayer to hand. We built the house essentially with self-help, because otherwise it would not have been possible even for financial reasons.

During the pandemic, the manel managed to protect the pool so that they could bathe all year round, replace the windows and lay a new floor, which has a built-in heater. I ordered from shops all over the country to which I supply my models, and when I went to the house, I found out that the windows were boarded up. Due to the absence of windows and the extension of the floor, we lived on the first floor for a few months. Although it was difficult for a while, I’m glad that we managed to get to the end, I congratulated Martin with the fact that the work on the house is basically never done.

The house consists of a basement and a first floor. It is entered through a spacious hall, from where the stairs lead to the first floor, where the children have their own rooms. On the ground floor, the kitchen is connected to the dining room and living room. I am very happy to eat and drink because we spend most of the day here. It is the imaginary center of our family life, as we can all comfortably fit in here, to Martin’s house.

The dominant feature of the room is the fireplace, which heats up the room beautifully during cold evenings, because it is connected to the entire heating system in the house. There are also musical instruments in the living room, because the eldest son plays the drums and the daughter enjoys playing the piano. Of the colors, white and black, supplemented with red, are the colors that the master of the house prefers. From either room you can also enter the bathroom, which is very spacious and has a queen-size bed and mirrors.

Buy even in winter

A door from either room leads to a room with a bath and shower. The bath was originally only outdoor, which was not very practical. Unfortunately, there are not so many warm days in our region, so we decided to protect the pool so that we could swim all year round. I answer at the pool and work. It is a place from which I have a good view, which gives children and our female Bernardna, revealed the design.

The property also has a large garden, and the family tried to keep it as quiet as possible. Trvnk currently mows with an automatic lawnmower, as Martina’s husband previously had to drive around the property for three hours on a tractor to mow the turf. The pride of the garden is a pond with a waterfall, in which many colorful fish live.

There is one property on the plot. In it you will find the design of the palm. Dlna is full of clothes, icch machine and other necessities. At the present time, there are several drafters working outside who will employ the design.

Manel and I started from scratch. I think it’s up to everyone to see if I built the company or inherited it from Martin, who is bad for their employees. Today, her models are worn by many celebrities, such as actress Eva Bureov, opera star Andrea Kalivodov or presenter Milue Bittnerov. At the moment, Martina Pipkov Loudov has her shop in the Westfield Chodov shopping center, but in the future it is not ruled out that things will be developed in the center of the capital.

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