There is no interest in the house after Ivana Trump for half a billion


The extravagant house in New York, owned by the ex-wife of US President Trump, Ivana Trump, is still available a year after it was put on the real estate market, CNBC reported. The real estate company Douglas Elliman is asking 22.5 million dollars, i.e. more than 520 million crowns, for the headquarters. And the real estate agent reduced the price by four million dollars due to lack of interest in the purchase.

The extravagant residence has remained virtually untouched since Trump’s death in July 2022. The CNBC server added that, technically speaking, nothing has changed in the residence since the 1990s, when the first wife of former US President Donald Trump renovated the house. “It is very beautiful, very French. With a Versailles flavor,” said real estate agent J. Roger Erickson of Douglas Elliman.

PHOTO GALLERY: View the interiors of the house

Trump bought a house in Manhattan in 1992 for $2.5 million. According to Erickson, it was in disrepair when she bought it, and she “spent millions to restore it and give it its current distinctive style.”

The six-story townhouse with an area of ​​almost 818 square meters was built in 1879. It is still furnished with the late Trump’s furniture, “dressed in red carpets and walls covered in red silk, and brimming with gold accents and ornate crystal chandeliers.” Five bedrooms, five bathrooms, sauna, laundry room, office space and outdoor space are available to future owners.

PHOTO GALLERY: Behind the architecture and gastronomy at Masaryčka


Masaryčka offers not only great architecture, but also excellent gastronomy. In addition to the confectionery boutique Ollies or the cafe Loka, the office building in Florence will soon also offer French or Japanese gastronomy.


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PHOTO GALLERY: Take a look at the most expensive offices in the Czech Republic. Marek Dospiva from Penta also sits on Masaryčka


After ten years of preparations and two years of construction work, the most expensive office building in the Czech Republic has finally opened. Penta Real Estate has opened a pair of buildings designed by the office of the late world architecture legend Zaha Hadid. “The building cost roughly two and a half billion, only the facade cost 500 million,” revealed Marek Dospiva, the founder of Penta Investments.

Stanislav Sulc

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