Israeli army uses artificial intelligence in Gaza. It helps identify targets


Israel’s military intelligence is using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify military targets in the Gaza Strip, The Times of Israel (ToI) news website reports today, citing the Israeli military. However, the server does not write details about how exactly AI can help with target identification and verification.

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Israeli soldiers before the start of the invasion of the Gaza Strip

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According to ToI, Israel’s military intelligence command said its so-called “targeting center” had identified around 1,200 new positions of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip during an ongoing ground operation launched by the Israeli military last week. The Israeli army began bombing the Gaza Strip after bloody attack by Hamas on southern Israel on October 7 and says its goal is to root out Hamas.

Fighting Israel and Hamas, October 2023

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An unnamed senior Israeli military intelligence official said that in “war, the enemy behaves differently and creates new possibilities.” The Israeli military said hundreds of soldiers were involved in evaluating the new targets and that military intelligence was using artificial intelligence and automated tools to “produce targets quickly and reliably”.

The military is also now using new tools for the first time to provide ground forces in the Gaza Strip with updated information on targets to strike, according to the unnamed source. Army claims to have hit 12,000 targets in the Gaza Strip so far.

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