What do you say about her? This sexy blonde has conquered the Italian film industry. Now even Czech viewers can rate her acting


The blonde Slovak actress conquered Italy, now she is introducing herself to Czech viewers. Super.cz

“It’s not quite the first time that Czech viewers can see me. The Witch, where I play, was recently released on Voyo, so I’ve already shot in the Czech Republic,” confided Super.cz. Antónia and I spoke at the premiere of the movie Terezín: Love Behind the Wall, where she plays one of the main roles. “Of course this is different from the Witch. A different movie and story. I hope you like it. When the director asked me if I wanted to be a part of this film, I was very flattered and proud.”

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And how does she feel as an actress in Italy? “I have been playing there for twenty years, I was young when I started working in Italy. The Italian actors are wonderful, the Commedia all’italiana is completely different. The actors have a different sense of humor than the Czech and Slovak ones. When I shoot here, I have to be careful with my hands, because in Italy we gesture a lot with our hands when acting,” she laughed.

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But she could not choose between Italy and Slovakia. “I don’t think I have a home. I traveled. My roots are in Slovakia, but my heart is in Italy. I have lived there for a long time. It’s a country I love, I have a daughter there. But I couldn’t decide between those countries. I’m always at home where I am,” she explained.

But she did not teach her daughter Slovak. “She can’t because she didn’t want to talk. She always said that father wouldn’t understand us, so she denied it. Now, as an adult, she understands a little, but she doesn’t speak,” Antónia Lišková added.


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