Two accidents a few meters apart in just ten minutes



Rescuers from the Czech Republic and Germany came to traffic accidents on the D5 highway, and another accident is now complicating traffic on the highway near Pilsen

Yesterday around half past five in the afternoon, there were two traffic accidents on the D5 highway from Pilsen to Germany near St. Katerina, which were not related to each other, but happened only ten minutes and a few meters apart.

The first accident occurred ten minutes before half past five when Audi and Opel passenger cars collided, with the Audi hitting the center barriers.

Not even ten minutes after this accident, another accident occurred in the forming column in front of it, in which another car, also of the Audi brand, collided with a truck, this time with a trailer.

Several injuries were reported from the scene, so all emergency services went to the accident, firefighters secured the area and carried out fire prevention measures, while emergency workers took care of the driver of the Audi, according to our information Bulhara.
“We transported a man born in 1975 to the hospital in Stod with minor injuries,” said the press spokeswoman for the rescuers.
A woman and a seven-year-old girl from Germany, who were traveling in a passenger car from the second accident, were taken into care by the crew of the German rescue service, who took them to a hospital in Germany for treatment. According to our information, the girl suffered a head injury during the collision, but luckily, it was not serious.

The police spokeswoman described how both accidents happened. “A driver born in 1975 with a factory Audi vehicle in the area of ​​the 145th kilometer of the highway did not adjust the speed of the traffic and the circumstances on the road and collided with the Opel vehicle,” she told us about the first accident and continued: “The second collision occurred when the driver, born in 1979, was driving from the St. Kateřina rest area onto the highway with an Audi car with a trailer, drove into the connection lane and then straight into the left lane, where he endangered the driver of the truck, which in this lane was already moving, and the front part of the lorry collided with the rear of the trailer of the passenger vehicle. The lorry of the driver born in 1964 consisted of a Scania tractor and a Kögel semi-trailer. After the collision, both drivers stopped in the parking lane and reported the accident to the hotline 158.”

The police ruled out the consumption of alcohol in all the drivers involved with breath tests and are recording both accidents.

At the time of publication of this article, firefighters and police officers are responding to another traffic accident on the D5 highway, specifically at the 72nd kilometer at the level of Koterova in the direction of Prague, where a car, a van and a truck collided.
According to initial information, no one was injured in this accident, but it is blocking traffic and the place is passable only in the left lane.

The police are currently investigating the circumstances of the accident.

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