The Prague restaurant is crushed by appalling reviews. Because of Palestine


photo: Vít Hassan for the pro-Palestinian rally

On Wednesday, several public events related to the conflict in the Middle East took place in Prague. The Federation of Jewish Communities convened a rally in support of Israel in the Old Town Square.

At the same time as this, another event was taking place in the Old Town Square, which denounced the victims in Gaza. Dozens of police officers and an anti-conflict team stood between the two camps.

An unexpected conflict was brewing around 5:00 p.m. Several dozen people from both groups shouted slogans at each other. Some had red paint on their hands to symbolize dead Palestinians, others shouted that Hamas was killing children. At the last moment, the police pushed out the counter-demonstration. It read about thirty people.

A photo of a woman wearing a t-shirt with the words “1972 Olympics” leaked to the media that day. It was in this year that the Olympic Games were held in Munich, where a twelve-member Israeli sports team was murdered.

She had tape on her mouth that said “Free Gaza”.

Many people on social media noticed that the woman was wearing a “Roof” cap. It is a social cooperative that runs a vegan cafe and restaurant in the center of the capital.


“Our company stands on three pillars. The first of them is social entrepreneurship – people with experience of homelessness and/or people who have served a sentence work at Štřeš. In addition to dignified employment, we also advise them on housing solutions, debt relief, etc. Another pillar is cooperative ownership – we decide on the running of the business collectively and according to the principle of equality. Every employee has the opportunity to join the cooperative after half a year of work in Střeš and participate in the management of the company. The last pillar is veganism, which we consider a sustainable and ecological way of eating without animal suffering. At the same time, we want to show that vegan food can be made tasty and affordable. We focus mainly on Czech and Eastern European cuisine,” it says on the company’s website.

The roof, by the way, offers an egg spread for 110 crowns or a vegan push made of seitan, tofu and soy meat for 140.

The business had over 1,300 reviews, most of which were very positive.

Criticism is pouring in from all sides

But since Wednesday evening, the negatives have been increasing, with many giving the establishment the lowest number of stars and possibly a reaction to the pro-Palestinian demonstration, which is where the aforementioned and above photo of the woman with the “Roof” hat comes from.

“Absolutely horrible service, lazy and unwilling staff. The toilet was from the stool. The food was inedible,” reads a review from Thursday morning. “The visit to the restaurant was really very unpleasant. The environment is not comfortable. The service was extremely lazy and the food overpriced and completely tasteless. There are many much better restaurants of this type in Prague,” adds another recent review.

“There was a gas leak. Excellent under counter meat selection and discount code 1972 for the entire menu,” wrote the person who again awarded one star. Another added a photo of the woman in question from a pro-Palestinian event, adding that “this lady in particular was unpleasant.”

“Super atmosphere, like at the Munich 72 Olympics,” wrote the man and awarded only one more star. The rating with the lowest number has increased by several dozen since Wednesday evening.

She responded to some restaurants: “Thank you for your review, even if we do not know the reason for your review. If you have any comments (about the food or service provided), we would love to hear them. We are constantly striving to improve our services and constructive customer feedback is welcome.”

“I was sick for 3 days,” it continued here (all reviews can be found on Google).

We wrote

Palestinian flags flew under the statue of TGM

REPORT: Since the beginning of the conflict in Israel and Gaza, videos of Palestinian demonstrations from all over the world have been circulating in the media and social networks. Primarily…

The server contacted the Střecha restaurant by phone and asked about these ratings. The woman on the phone first transferred us to another colleague who said she would not answer anything.

We also tried it via e-mail, where we added a question about the restaurant’s position on the conflict in the Middle East.

No one responded until the release of the material.

We will update the article if this changes.

The article is in Czech

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