The price of heat in Pilsen will rise! However, the original proposal was reduced by a third


02.11.2023 16:43

The proposal to increase the price of heat by 240 CZK/GJ was presented by the board of directors of Plzeňská teplárenská at its meeting last week. The management of Pilsen rejects such prices.

Last year, the Plzeň heating plant rose in price by 4.8%, which was lower than most other heating plants in the Czech Republic. In 2023, there are no exceptions in the Czech Republic where the price of heat is higher than 1,200 CZK/GJ, while in Pilsen the average price of heat is approx. 600 CZK/GJ, making it the lowest in the Czech Republic for a long time.

“This year, as part of the consolidation package, the government canceled support for customers of heating plants in the amount of CZK 17 billion, support for combined heat and electricity production was not even announced, and the increase in the price of CO2 emission allowances also plays a role,” explained Václav Pešek, CEO of Plzeňská teplárenská.

Heat in Pilsen will continue to be the cheapest in the entire republic. “We forced the other shareholder to make a concession and reduced the proposed 40% increase by a third. The price of heat in Pilsen will thus be 161.28 crowns per GJ higher,” said Pilsen Mayor Roman Zarzycký.

Plzeňská teplárenská does not make or lose anything from the heat. “The opposition agreed to the increase and suggested that we waive the dividend. We refused that. We expect it in the amount of around 100 million crowns, and we are ready to use this money for projects for the people of Pilsen – for example, to repair Pekla,” added the mayor, saying that he understands the possible indignation of the residents. “I trust that you will understand the increase, even if any increase in price does not make anyone happy in these difficult times. I know that and I am sorry. We had no choice.”

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