Siblings dragged away by Hamas: Desperate father searches for them


Siblings Maya, 21, and Itay, 18, Regev, were enjoying the SuperNova music festival in the Negev desert when Hamas gunmen invaded. Both were captured. Just before the kidnapping, a frightened Maya called her father Ilan, who is desperately searching for his children. In the last interview, the daughter allegedly told him that she had been shot.

At the SuperNova music festival in the Negev desert on Saturday, October 7, the radical Hamas movement killed 260 people. Other people were captured. Twenty-one-year-old Maya and her eighteen-year-old brother Itay were also at the festival. At the time of the attack, Maya was calling her father, Ilan. He released their last phone call in an interview with CNN. “Dad, they shot me, they shot me. They’re going to kill us, dad, they’re going to kill us,” she said horrified. Desperate Ilan just replied: “I’ll come.”

In the city of Herzliya, which is located not far from Tel Alviv, he got into his car and drove off to meet his children. But he did not find his daughter and son. They believe they have been taken hostage by Hamas and are doing everything they can to find them. He even started an Instagram page where he shares the story of his children. His friend allegedly sent him a video showing his son.

“I think he’s alive,” states. The siblings are said to have loved traveling and hanging out with friends. Maya was said to be planning a trip to South America, where she was supposed to go in December. “I want to know my children are alive,” Ilhan stated. “We don’t know if they’re eating. We don’t know if they drink. If they are hurt,” added the siblings’ mother, Mirit.


The armed wing of the Palestinian radical movement Hamas, which operates in Lebanon, said today that it fired 12 rockets across the border at the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona. According to Reuters, Hamas announced this on the Telegram communication platform. Two people were injured in the strikes, AFP reported. At the same time, Lebanon’s Shiite movement Hezbollah said it had attacked Israeli army positions for the first time using explosive drones, and also claims to have launched attacks on 19 different positions in northern Israel along the border with Lebanon. The Israeli army responded to the attacks with shelling.


Today, the House Foreign Affairs Committee supported, among other things, the actions of the Israeli government and the armed forces leading to the release of the kidnapped citizens and the punishment of those who participated in the recent terrorist attack. He also expressed his disagreement with relativizing the crimes of the radical Hamas movement. This follows from the resolution after today’s committee meeting.


Israeli troops have advanced further than the outskirts of Gaza City as they advance against Hamas fighters in the northern half of the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Netanyahu said.

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