Neruda explains why OKTAGON went beyond the borders and reveals to which countries the next steps will lead

Neruda explains why OKTAGON went beyond the borders and reveals to which countries the next steps will lead
Neruda explains why OKTAGON went beyond the borders and reveals to which countries the next steps will lead

The OKTAGON MMA organization has been talking about foreign expansion for a long time, but it finally happened last year. However, the wait was worth it. Indeed, OKTAGON established itself and established itself very quickly on German soil. At the beginning of November, the next country, which is Great Britain, will be visited. OKTAGON is heading to Manchester. However, it is far from over. It is already evidently clear to which other countries the following steps will lead.

Mikulášek, as Clash’s new reinforcement, took a dig at Zralok, who comically got a basket

“Our domestic market became small for us a few years ago. We felt the potential and thought we should go abroad. But then came covid and various other complications, moreover, this decision is not an easy step. Before one succeeds in one’s home country, there is a certain evolution: you start as a small entrepreneur, enjoy your first customers, then grow, grow, until you have a good business. And of course you “wear” yourself a bit.

For a fresh start somewhere else, you need to have the kind of character that you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves again and starting from scratch. It’s hard work and not everyone wants it. But it is necessary because the whole of Europe is culturally and linguistically divided. For example, we have the star Karlos Vémola, but in the first village in Germany, people have no idea who he is.

So we went on a crusade of sorts. We met there with people from Foch, got to know the environment and decided that we would go for it. How do all the different motivational quotes say it? Just do it ‘that step’… But that’s sometimes the hardest part.

However, we came there humbly and said to them: We know you are different, and we are willing to listen and learn from you. And build the product so that you enjoy it’. We still have a lot of work to do, but we’ve practically made it.” Neruda spoke to Reflex.

And what is the ultimate goal right now? “We have another one now the ‘ultimate goal’, and that is the European Champions League. So what the European Champions League is in football, that is what we want to be in the world of combat sports. We have these ambitions and I believe that we could get there in at least ten years or less. next year, however, we mainly want to stabilize on the English and German markets.”

However, this does not mean that OKTAGON will not expand further. Another interesting area is already in the sights. “Our viewership on a European scale is unparalleled. Since the numbers from the individual platforms come gradually, we were really surprised when we counted it all together. About 100,000 people follow us in France, so that’s definitely where our next steps will lead.”

What is waiting for us?

4.11. Manchester – OCTAGON 48

Aby vs Garcia – flyweight title fight

Staines vs Frimpong – OCTAGON Final Challenges England vs Ireland

Askham vs Doussis

Quickenden vs Smith

Rock vs Humble

Wanliss vs Bahnik

Yousaf vs Deh

Carthwright vs Assis

Lohoré vs Surdu

Chadwick vs Polívka

Gelezi vs McDonald

18.11. Cologne – OCTAGON 49

Moeil vs Todev for the heavyweight title

Eckerlin vs Apollo

Engizek vs ?

Montagnac vs MacDonald

Ilbay vs. Fry

Hromek vs Brajshori

Kalashnik vs Stolze

Dyrschka vs ?

9.12. Ostrava – OCTAGON 50

Keita vs Samsonidse – for the featherweight title

Paradeiser vs Buchinger 2 – for the lightweight title

Lengál vs Bark

Kuznik vs Hosseinpour

Xavier vs Vinnie

Bartl vs. Lewis

Konrad vs Novak

Wide vs Nafuka

Raška vs Kotalík

Roušal vs ?

29.12. Prague – OCTAGON 51

Kincl vs Čepo – for the middleweight title

Veličković vs Michailidis – Final Tipsport Gamechanger

Vémola vs Pirate

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