Hvzda movie for adults had her hymen reconstructed for pl mega. And ride on it


Someone is renovating the kitchen, someone is renovating the bathroom, and someone is renovating the garden. And then there’s Elisa Sanches.

The porn star, whose works can be found on the most famous erotic websites, had her hymen reconstructed. For 20,000 dollars, that is, in the pepot, for me, please.

Just be careful, she’ll probably tear up the balk in the finale.

You’re right, Elisa is now on OnlyFans. And there she announced an audition for whoever wants to see it in a brand new, rejuvenated and renovated wagon. Several buyers have applied who are willing to pay a fortune for something like that.

Every day I get a few emails from OnlyFans followers asking if they could see my profile. That’s why I started thinking about having my hymen reconstructed. Only a select few will be able to see her, she let herself be heard as a virgin and a real porn star, which we had no idea could ever go together.

Elisa Sanchez

There is also criticism of Elisa on social media, but she didn’t bother at all. On the contrary, he calls his presentation innovative.

My work is recognized for my willingness to innovate in the market. Some applaud my courage, while others question my motives. But I don’t say anything to anyone, reported

Elisa Sanchez

Indeed, we applaud it. No, it’s a genius business full, really. If there’s anyone to be smart about, it’s the fighters who will pay a fortune to get a photo of renovated 400-year-old German wagons.

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