The girlfriend of the arrested Halien was said to have aborted their child. She was 14 years old then, now they are engaged

The girlfriend of the arrested Halien was said to have aborted their child. She was 14 years old then, now they are engaged
The girlfriend of the arrested Halien was said to have aborted their child. She was 14 years old then, now they are engaged

The information that Slovak streamer Ján “Halien” Šteca will go to prison was noticed by many people on social networks. Šteca was supposed to sell drugs and also provide them to minors. As a result, he faces 15 years behind bars, and now another piece of information has emerged that casts an even worse light on the streamer. Šteca allegedly had sex with a girl when she was not yet fifteen years old and the girl was even supposed to get pregnant with him. There is a conversation circulating on the networks that confirms this, and although its authenticity cannot be proven, it seems very convincing.

“According to the preliminary results from the forensic laboratory, the presence of cocaine was confirmed in an amount that corresponds to at least 669 common individual doses of the drug and ecstasy in an amount that corresponds to at least 250 common individual doses of the drug, which are capable of affecting the human psyche after administration,” she revealed Košick regional police spokeswoman Jana Mésarová, what did the criminal police find at the streamer’s home. Since then, people have been making fun of him on social networks, but the streamer is certainly not amused. Polínko was also thrown into the fire by his rival Martin “Ziamw” Tronec, who outlined what Šteca was supposed to have done.

Tronec claimed that Šteca also provided drugs to an underage girl, with whom he even had sex. The mother of this girl was then supposed to report the streamer to the police, and based on her report, the criminal police raided Štecy. However, a conversation that Šteca is supposed to have with his friend and in which he also describes what happened to the girl, who was supposed to be only fourteen years old at the time, started to spread on social networks. “Yesterday I had an argument with her mom because she was convincing her parents that she was never pregnant. But now it doesn’t matter if she killed the child. She hasn’t been to the doctor. Today, if you want to kill a kid, just eat the pills and drink them down with booze,” Šteca allegedly writes in the conversation.

The young girl was supposed to break up with him and only then find out that she was pregnant. In the meantime, Šteca was supposed to find a new girlfriend, whom he was supposed to leave and return to the girl, thinking that he would keep the child. He was supposed to beg the girl to keep him because he had decided to become a father. But in the end, she had to decide to kill the child, and according to reports, Šteca was very bad about it. “I wanted a child so badly, so badly. One day you’re picking out a stroller and clothes, and the next day you find out she killed him. I believe that karma will get everyone,” stands in the conversation Šteca was supposed to lead.

The girl who was pregnant with the streamer is said to have decided to get rid of the fetus after Štec found a new girlfriend after their breakup. She could not accept the fact that he had found a replacement for her. He is supposed to be with this girl even now, and it is very much discussed whether she is the one who adds posts to Štec’s Instagram profile. It is definitely not a streamer. But a photo of Šteca with a young girl appeared on his profile, and the photo has a very strange description. “I would like to announce that my girlfriend and I are engaged and I will be commenting on the drama, so watch so you don’t miss it” it says in the caption of the photo.

A lot of people think that Štec’s Instagram is now taken care of by his girlfriend, mainly because of the style of the posts that appear on the profile. “His girlfriend put this there. If it was him, he would put a completely different photo or upload a video as a boy. It’s definitely not him, because the bitch or moron who has that Instagram is posting shit on there,” TikTok users think. However, the conversations that spread on TikTok and Instagram could really mess up the streamer. If it were confirmed that he had sexual intercourse with a girl who was not yet fifteen at the time, it would probably significantly increase the length of his sentence. However, there is still no new information about Štec’s current condition or how many years he will go to prison.

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