The European Defense Agency secured framework contracts for the supply of 155 mm ammunition to Ukraine 3/11/2023



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The European Defense Agency has signed nine framework contracts with the European defense industry for the purchase of 155 mm ammunition for Ukraine. The Freedom correspondent was informed about this by the press service of the European Commission. They also said how the commitments to deliver 1 million grenades to Ukraine by the end of this year are being fulfilled.

“As for the current status of the three-tiered approach agreed by member states in March this year, by May 31, member states have delivered approximately 223,000 pieces of artillery munitions (long-range munitions, precision-guided munitions and mortar munitions) and 2,300 rockets of all types. That was the deadline by which Member States should have been eligible for reimbursement under the first phase of the ammunition initiative. After that date, Member States continued to supply ammunition eligible for reimbursement under the European Peace Facility,” an EU spokesperson said.

The European Commission emphasized that negotiations on other types of artillery ammunition and rockets are ongoing. In parallel, other EU member states (for example, Germany and France) are introducing national public procurement systems.

“The target of one million rounds remains an important political objective. The conclusions of the European Council held last week underline the need to accelerate the delivery of military support to Ukraine to help meet its urgent military and defense needs, including missiles and ammunition. Member States will have the opportunity to discuss the EU’s military support to Ukraine at the next meeting of the Foreign Affairs (Defense) Council on November 14,” said the EU spokesperson.

Let us recall that on March 20, at the meeting of the European Council, a three-step approach was agreed to speed up deliveries and joint purchases with the aim of providing Ukraine with one million pieces of artillery ammunition over the next twelve months.

In the first phase, the Council called on the member states to urgently supply Ukraine with artillery ammunition and, if necessary, rockets from existing stocks by May 31, subject to their compensation.

As for the second phase, the Council called on member states to jointly purchase 155 mm ammunition and, if necessary, rockets for Ukraine as soon as possible, by September 30.

The third phase was to support the expansion of the production capacities of the European defense industry.

On October 26, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Gabrielus Landsbergis, wrote on his page in X that the EU promised Ukraine 1 million artillery shells, but delivered only 300,000. This is less than the 350,000 shells that Russia received from the DPRK.

The European Commission could not confirm or refute the minister’s data regarding the amount of ammunition supplied.

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