Police accident in Ostrava. They went to intervene with beacons. Four injuries


A Škoda Octavia police vehicle with its beacons on and warning sound signal crashed this week in Ostrava-Vítkovice. A two-man crew drove along the main Ruská street to intervene against an aggressive man. But she did not arrive at the place…

Illustrative photo.

| Photo: Diary/Pavel Sonnek

During the afternoon rush hour, a Škoda Fabia car drove into her path from a side street. A clash ensued. All components of the Integrated Rescue System went to the accident.

“There were two people traveling in each vehicle who were handed over to medics,” said Eva Michalíková when asked by Deník, adding that fortunately the injuries were not serious.

A drunk policeman on duty caused a serious accident in Ostrava. He heard the punishment

Both drivers were tested for alcohol and drugs with negative results. Preliminary damage to the vehicles is calculated at 160 thousand crowns. The circumstances and causes of the accident are the subject of further investigation by the traffic police.

He did not prefer

“From the preliminary information, it follows that the driver (year 1996) was driving a Škoda Fabia passenger car along Štramberská street in the direction of travel from Rostislavova street to Ruská street, when he did not give way to a currently moving Škoda Octavia vehicle, which, due to the use of warning lights and sound equipment drove along the main thoroughfare of Ruská Street, causing their collision,” Michalíková described the course of the accident in detail.

Drunk cop

Coincidentally, a few days ago the District Court in Ostrava dealt with another traffic accident involving a police car, which also happened in Ostrava during the afternoon rush hour. The main trial ended with the conviction of the police driver. Even then, the company car was driving with the warning signs on.

illustrative photo

Curious accident in Ostrava. The crashed cars were driven by police officers, one of whom was said to be drunk

However, unlike the above-mentioned accident, it was a civilian car. It was about canines going to burglary. On 1. May street, at a speed of at least 113 kilometers per hour, a police car crashed into a car coming out of a side road. His driver suffered a brain injury with permanent consequences. The policeman showed remorse, but claimed that the other driver was an accomplice. However, the court rejected this and imposed a suspended sentence and driving ban on the police officer. More here.


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