Building land prices forced the young couple to build on the rock. However, they do not regret the decision


The availability of building land will decrease in the coming years. Large plots will not be financially affordable for the middle class, and only smaller ones or those with unstable subsoil will be available. While searching for an ideal piece of land, a young couple with big dreams of living came across a similar situation. Since they both work as designers, they designed the house themselves and decided to deal with the rocky structure of the land as much as possible. The solution they came up with brought them the perfect result.

Building plots are running out

Not only are the prices of building plots (a plot of 1,000 m2 you can buy in a new development 30 km from Prague for approx. 8 million crowns), moreover, new building plots in the Czech Republic are disappearing quickly. Of course, new developments for family life are constantly expanding, but it is not new that smaller villages sell these “vacant” plots only to local residents who keep them for their children. Although bungalows are very popular these days, if you want a big house, you will have to build high. There will be only a limited selection of plots available.

Small plot and big plans? Build tall. Storey houses 4+kk from 3.7 million

Time favors big houses. The standard of Czech housing has shifted

A spacious bungalow, a living room with a luxurious terrace and a large garden – this is probably the dream of each of us. However, you can hardly conjure up this paradise for a family of four on a 500 m plot2. A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to delve into the story of a young couple who faced a similar problem. The area of ​​their plot occupied 783 m2, but they didn’t even think about modesty. Both work as designers, they have creativity to give away, so they embarked on a daring project. They built a luxury residence with a built-up area of ​​192 m2 and they built a house with all five aspects:

  • beautiful views,
  • spacious interior,
  • bright rooms,
  • big garden,
  • luxury wooden terrace.

The owners decided to deal with the rocky subsoil

After a thorough study of the topography, the owners decided to be inspired by the steep curves of the plot for the design of their own family home. So minimal landscaping was done on the property, resulting in a structure full of small hilly outcrops and rocky plateaus. They were therefore limited by the floor plan area suitable for construction when designing the house.

The building occupies a quarter of the plot and benefits from all the views

As mentioned above, a couple of passionate designers decided to buy a plot of land in a mountainous terrain. The family house, completed three years ago, stands on a small plateau in the middle of an undulating hilly landscape and is carefully positioned between two rocky massifs.

As the site was deliberately left in its natural state, the building occupies a minimal footprint and benefits from all the window openings. From the interior, each side of the house offers a different perspective. Facing east, the house seems to be built high among the trees, while the west orientation gives you the feeling that it is at ground level.

modern family house

The interior was designed by the owners-designers themselves

The three-story residence extends into the dense forest. An impressive piece that the owners have implemented in the design is the footbridge connecting the family house with the surrounding nature. This element also connects to the entrance door leading to the mezzanine of the building.

The owners have designed the entire space so that all rooms maximize their potential. The layout is simple, unobtrusive and in harmony with the surrounding environment. Each window was originally positioned to ensure that the exterior remained the focal point.

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