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Autumn time

I’m standing under a tree on which the leaves are finally starting to turn yellow, even though according to the date they should be on the ground and it should even be snowing. At least that’s how I remember it from childhood. I look over the tree at the sun shining through the leaves. It is a beautiful and warm sight. I raise my eyes even higher to the sky and see another wonder in the form of clouds that float across the sky and look like in HD. I take a deep breath and blurt out, “God, that’s beautiful.” It’s quite nice sometimes to be completely alone, in silence, and let these sensations come somehow closer. Not hearing human voices.

Aren’t you ever, dear ones, tired of what we hear all around us? When was the last time you came somewhere among people and didn’t hear how bad we are, about politics and everything. We are so fed up with information and often unsubstantiated, just passed on, at such a speed that we don’t even have a way to verify its authenticity and often don’t even have the desire to do such a thing. And so we listen and slowly but surely, without defending ourselves, we become part of the negations and depressions that are appearing more and more often among people and especially young people today.

We are almost starving, even though our refrigerators are overflowing with food, and we are afraid that we will lose what we have without anyone touching it. Let’s try to sit under a tree and take a deep breath. Let us help God to save us, as we ask for it in our prayers, swinging without trying to climb over the abyss on the rope of truth, on which he holds us and wants to pull us up, or like drowning people, when we kick around in fear and drag those with us, who rushed to our aid. Do we have so little faith?

Let’s stop and listen to the silence and perceive the beauty around us. “He who abides in love abides in God and God in him.” (1 John 4:16)

Tamara Suchánková, catechist from Kroměříž, assistant to MEP Michaela Šojdrová

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The article is in Czech

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