Alan Ruck from the series Struggle for Power: His pickup ended up in a pizzeria!


Although Alan Ruck is known from many films, such as the one mentioned above Dangerous speed, War Machine or Ferris Bueller’s Day Offbut he became famous mainly in series – he shone, for example, in acts such as All the mayor’s men, The Exorcist and Struggle for power. He was also actively involved in the recent actors’ strike. However, his life is now on the line when he is involved in an action-packed car accident in Los Angeles.

NBC News was the first platform to report on this event. According to her information, a four-car collision occurred on the evening of Tuesday, October 31, near the intersection of LaBrea Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard, and two people were injured – a forty-year-old woman and a twenty-five-year-old man. It clearly follows that Ruck was not among the injured. Nevertheless, all the saints had to stand by him, because the sight of his wrecked car is blood-curdling… His pickup ended up in one of the local restaurants!

Seroš X: Struggle for Power

The impact caused one of the walls to break through, and if the actor didn’t have such a big car, he probably wouldn’t have gotten out of this collision so easily. For now, it is not known who was responsible for the accident, the whole case is still under investigation, but none of the participants was under the influence of alcohol. By the way, several videos of the accident have already started circulating on the Internet, for example on tiktok – where local jokers write about the wreck as “typical Halloween night in Hollywood”.

Alan Ruck

Alan Ruck

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