The spectacular premiere of the production Love, defiance and death is knocking on the door

The spectacular premiere of the production Love, defiance and death is knocking on the door
The spectacular premiere of the production Love, defiance and death is knocking on the door

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On Saturday, November 4, the Slovak Theater will host its last premiere of 2023. The culmination of this year’s successful season will be the eagerly awaited musical production Love, Defiance and Death, directed by the respected Slovak director Lukáš Brutovský. Spectators can look forward to an extraordinary musical and visual experience.

“It was like a breath of freedom for me,” says the directorEr Lukyou are Brutovsky

Lukáš Brutovský is one of the most famous and successful Slovak theater directors today, and he has worked many times in the Czech Republic as well. He won first place in the Drama 2009 competition for the play Na obed. He also received several awards at international university festivals for directing. In 2014, he won the award of the Czech Theater Newspaper for the best direction of the season, the production of Maryša in HaDivadle. Now he headed to the Slovak Theater for the first time.

“The idea to stage Love, Defiance and Death came from playwright Miro Dacho, to whom I am very grateful. This ‘Burian’ material was like a breath of freedom for me,” he says a few days before the expected premiere.

He praises his first collaboration with the Slovak scene. “I have met here a group of creative, hardworking, humble and gifted people in and out of the cast. I feel very good here. On location and in the city,” adds the director.

“First impression? Reaching fromdhernE music, reveals Pavlína Hejcmanová

In the production of Love, defiance and death, a total of twelve talented actors of the Slovak Theater will perform. Pavlína Hejcmanová is also among them, who has already excelled in many musical productions and was nominated for the musical Thália Award for her artistry.

“I admit that before we started rehearsing, I was aware of who the author of the play EF Burian was, but I did not know his work Love, Defiance and Death, which is basically a simple story of two young people. Then when my colleagues and I listened to the music recording for the first time, it was very moving and I knew right away that it would be beautiful. If I were an audience member, I would leave the theater deeply moved, and I would wish the same for everyone who comes to see Love, Defiance and Death,” smiles Pavlína and praises her first collaboration with director Lukáš Brutovský in the same breath. “He works with us very sensitively and knows exactly what he wants from us and knows how to communicate it to us. This also makes the work very pleasant,” adds Pavlína.

DeptEFortunately, the wearing of the masks was quickE

Love, defiance and death will offer, in addition to a musical experience, an exceptional visual spectacle. There will be original costumes, distinctive wigs and makeup, and even masks that the actors had cast directly from their faces to fit them exactly.

“Fortunately, gypsum, which takes a long time to harden, is no longer used, as was done before. In the end, it was much easier than we ourselves expected. In essence, the make-up artists only shaped the foil on our faces and then continued working with it themselves,” smiles Pavlína Hejcmanová. “However, I will not reveal when and how we will use the masks in the production, the audience will see it directly in the theater,” concludes the popular actress.

All life stopslpred dkids, now they’re going to try it with adults

However, it will not be only familiar faces that the audience will see in the Uhersko-Hradiště theatrical novelty. Seniors from the audience will also become their colleagues. Vlastimil Kamrla is one of them. He was a teacher all his life. But now he decided to try something completely new. “I like all arts including literature and theater. But I have never even trained, I have no active experience with the theater. My daughter Katka, who once worked at the Slovak Theatre, together with the secretary of the artistic group Marcela Trčálková, brought me to this. She just knew me through Katka, they said to each other what kind of woman I am, and that was it,” smiles Vlastimil Kamrla.

A few days ago, he completed costume rehearsals and sessions with make-up artists. “Because of that, I’ve already been to the theater several times. It took about an hour just before they got into my wig,” reveals the newly minted actor.

He is looking forward to a new experience. “I’ve been standing in front of children all my life and now I’m going to try it on my old knees in front of adults. Fortunately, I’m not a nervous person, in a class full of children you learn to react quickly. I’m not afraid of collapsing on stage. And besides, I couldn’t do that to children when I’ve been telling them all their lives that they have to be brave, and I wouldn’t do it now,” concludes Vlastimil Kamrla.

The file convinced me againch vdistinctive peoldqualities,” says Petr Svozílek

Petr Svozílek undertook the singing production of the musical production Love, defiance and death. He is no newcomer to the Slovak Theater, having already worked there in the same role during the preparation of the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.

“The big advantage this time was that I already knew the actor well as a singer. Together with director Lukáš Brutovský, artistic director Lukáš Kopecký and conductor Josef Fojta, we were therefore able to put together a line-up of high-quality singing individuals,” he explains.

“The ensemble once again convinced me of its distinctive singing qualities and great potential. I work very well with them! I think that with each new musical production, another space opens up for them to convince the audience of their singing skills again,” adds Petr Svozílek.

Love, defiance and death is the last premiere of the Slovak Theater in 2023. It will feature Pavlína Hejcmanová, Kateřina Michejdová, Jitka Hlaváčová, Jiří Hejcman, Pavel Šupina, Martin Vrtáček and others. Directed by Lukáš Brutovský, musical arrangement and instrumentation by Josef Fojta, singing arrangement by Petr Svozílek. The festive premiere will take place this Saturday, November 4, and the theater will offer seven more performances until the end of the month. Tickets are available on the website and at the box office of the Slovak Theatre.

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