Minnesota Football vs. Illinois: Staff Predictions


The Minnesota Golden Gophers (5-3) host Bret Bielema and the Illinois Fighting Illini (3-5) at 2:30 pm CT at Huntington Bank Stadium on Saturday.

This Week’s Thoughts:

Blake: See my opponent preview.

GoAUpher: I refuse to watch Minnesota lose to this man again. That’s it. That’s my logic.

gopherguy05: This will be another ugly game. It’s time to snap another streak as Bert has never lost to Minnesota. They are coming off a bye week which could make things interesting, but I think the Gophers find a way. But I wouldn’t be utterly shocked if they lose either.

GopherNation: Something just doesn’t feel right here. Is the Illinois defense arguably the worst in the Big Ten? Yes. Are we going to be able to score points? I’m not so sure.

mowe0018: I honestly think we lose but I haven’t stopped picking the Gophers all season, regardless of circumstances, so we might as well just finish the bit. I will say Illinois’ defense is good but not nearly as formidable as last year. Then again, our offense is like a candle in a hurricane.

Ustreet: Thank you. I will hate it

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Prove me wrong again, Gophers. Until we beat Bert, I won’t believe we can beat Bert.

zipper closure: I JUST WANT TO BELIEVE

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