Other foreigners left the Gaza Strip via Rafah, including the family of the Scottish Prime Minister

Other foreigners left the Gaza Strip via Rafah, including the family of the Scottish Prime Minister
Other foreigners left the Gaza Strip via Rafah, including the family of the Scottish Prime Minister

Rafah (Egypt) – Today, another group of people with foreign passports left the Gaza Strip for Egypt through the Rafah border crossing. British media reported that more than 100 British citizens are among the foreigners allowed to leave today, including the parents of Scottish Prime Minister Humza Yousaf’s wife. Roads out of the Gaza Strip have been virtually closed since the October 7 attack on Israel by the Hamas movement. Foreigners could leave via Rafah for the first time on Wednesday. The families of the imprisoned hostages blockaded the Israeli army headquarters today, The Times of Israel reported.

Palestinian border authorities last night published lists of people they will allow to leave the bombed area today. The list includes injured Palestinians and 335 foreign passport holders, according to BBC News. All had to be outside the entrance hall of the crossing early in the morning to facilitate traffic, the authority said. Rafah is the only road from the Gaza Strip that is not controlled by Israel.

Since the start of the war, at least 9,227 Palestinians, including 3,826 children, have died in Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian Authority. The October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel claimed about 1,400 lives, mostly civilians, also including children, according to Israeli authorities. More than 240 people were kidnapped by Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups in the attack to the Gaza Strip and their release is being negotiated.

Relatives of people imprisoned in the Gaza Strip today blocked the road leading to the headquarters of the Israeli Armed Forces in Tel Aviv. They are asking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a promise not to agree to a ceasefire until the hostages are released.

The parents of the Scottish Prime Minister’s wife, Nadia, went to the Gaza Strip to visit a sick relative and spent more than three weeks in the area involuntarily. Yousaf and his wife expressed gratitude for their release and said they would continue to call loudly for “an end to the killing and suffering of innocent people in Gaza” and demand an immediate ceasefire and the opening of a humanitarian corridor.

Emilee Rauschenbergerová, a doctor with dual – British and American – citizenship, also left through Rafáh on Thursday. She told the BBC there was chaos at the crossing. “There is no system, everyone goes to the security officials and tells them the number they were given. If the official finds his name on the list, he can go (to Egypt),” Rauschenberger said. Her husband and children also left with her, but it was more of an exception and divided families, whose members have different citizenships, according to the doctor, prevail.

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