Check out the fierce Meek vs Rock staredown! Wansliss swung his sword

Check out the fierce Meek vs Rock staredown! Wansliss swung his sword
Check out the fierce Meek vs Rock staredown! Wansliss swung his sword

Today’s official weigh-in before the OKTAGON 48 tournament took place relatively calmly and without problems. We did have two sinners, but they were able to make up for their hesitation on the second attempt, so in the end all fighters successfully met the weight limits. However, it was stuffy. After a long time, the staredowns took place already in the morning, and it was especially hot between the Czech-English pairs.

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There was a lot of anticipation as to how the Pokorný vs Rock staredown would turn out, which almost didn’t happen. After meeting the limit, Jarda avoided his opponent and started to leave. However, he was warned that he had to start the staredown, so he returned and it started to get stuffy. Rock, who had not reached his limit at that moment, began to push the Czech veteran, and of course he did not like it. Rock then finally sent one unnecessary kick, but then fortunately the fighters were divided and only barked at each other. However, it’s clear that keeping emotions in check will be key tomorrow, because if anyone gets carried away in the cage, they could end up paying dearly.

It was also fun at the Bahník vs Wanliss staredown, Jakub, who was obviously very exhausted from doing the weight, pushed Wanlis’ outstretched hand away and gave a shove, which was accompanied by the sound effects of Wanliss’s lightsaber, which he took with him.

OCTAGON 48: Results Dear

  • Iron bars – 70.7 kg (limit 70.8 kg)
  • McDonald – 70.7 kg (limit 70.8 kg)
  • Chadwick – 85.9 kg (86.0 kg limit)
  • Soup – 86.0 kg (limit 86.0 kg)
  • Yousaf – 67.9 kg (limit 68.0 kg)
  • Tar – 67.3 kg (limit 68.0 kg)
  • Lohoré – 77.5 kg (limit 77.6 kg)
  • Surdu – 77.5 kg (limit 77.6 kg)
  • Humble – 70.7 kg (limit 70.8 kg)
  • Rock – 71.7 kg (limit 70.8 kg) – on the second attempt 70.7 kg so fulfilled
  • Staines – 70.3kg (70.3kg limit)
  • Frimpong – 70.5 kg (limit 70.3 kg) – on the second attempt 70.3 kg, so fulfilled
  • Cartwright – 61.3kg (61.7kg limit)
  • Assis – 61.1 kg (limit 61.7 kg)
  • Quickended – 76.9 kg (limit 77.6 kg)
  • Smith – 77.1kg (77.6kg limit)
  • Mudder – 70.7 kg (limit 70.8 kg)
  • Wanliss – 70.6 kg (limit 70.8 kg)
  • Askham – 92.3 kg (92.5 kg limit)
  • Doussis – 92.4 kg (92.5 kg limit)
  • Aby – 56.7 kg (limit 56.7 kg)
  • Garcia – 56.6 kg (56.7 kg limit)


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