The Wolf in Gaza will be a decisive battle. Anyone who wants to contain the wolves in the region must stop the fight, Hezbollah declared

The Wolf in Gaza will be a decisive battle. Anyone who wants to contain the wolves in the region must stop the fight, Hezbollah declared
The Wolf in Gaza will be a decisive battle. Anyone who wants to contain the wolves in the region must stop the fight, Hezbollah declared

LThe leader of the Lebanese movement Hezbollah, Hasan Nasrallah, on Friday, in his first appearance since the arrest of Israel’s new leader Hams, praised the Palestinian movement for its attack on Israel on January 7. According to this influential Islamist leader, the actions showed that about 1,400 permanent civilian residents of other Israel were killed and hundreds of them were taken as hostages.According to Al-Dazra TV, Nasrallah said that whoever wants to prevent a regional conflict must stop the wolf in the Gaza Strip quickly. But he immediately declared this a “decisive battle” and attributed the responsibility for it to the United States. According to him, Israel can only get back the hostages that Hamas first took to the Gaza Strip with negotiated help.

According to him, the conflict in Gaza, for which he attributed responsibility to the United States, will be a decisive battle. According to Al-Dazra television, Nasrallah said that Israel can only get the hostages back from Gaza through mediation. He called on the Arab countries to help stop the wolf in Gaza.

“It had to take a big event, which was sent by the usurping entity and its supporters in Washington and London, and the first was the January 7 operation,” said Nasrallah, who, according to the BBC server, spoke via video link from the silent city. His speech was addressed to a crowd of people who gathered with Lebanese and Palestinian flags in another suburb of Beirut. They waved Hizbullah flags, there was a ton of pop on them, and some painted pictures of Nasrallah.

f He praised Hizbullah so much that the fight with Israel after June 7 “opened on many fronts”. From the flow to Israel, which subsequently ignited a massive bombardment of the Gaza Strip and then launched a ground operation there, it sent reinforcements to the Israeli-Lebanese border, where 57 Hezbollah fighters and several civilians on both sides, as well as Israeli soldiers, were killed. Today, Nasrallah thanked Irish and Yemeni militant groups for joining the fight against Israel, and praised their flows to American bases in Ireland and Syria. In recent days, you have repeatedly tried to stream using a drone.

Regarding the fighting on the Israeli-Lebanese border, Nasrallah said that it was caused by Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip. Tel Aviv thus warned that, according to him, it would “make the worst mistake in history” if it carried out preventive action in Lebanon. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a similar warning to Hezbollah less than two weeks ago, saying that the movement would be in an “unimaginable flux” if it turned against Israel.

At the start of the speech, Nasrallah called female Hezbollah fighters who died in battles with the Israeli army as women. He expressed his condolences to the families of the people of the lands during the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip and during the raids of the Israeli army in the occupied West Bank. In addition to condolences, he also expressed “congratulations” to them, because, according to him, their friends became men.

“Absolute secrecy is what ensured the success of the al-Aqs Flood operation of January 7,” Nasrallah said, referring to the unprecedented and brutal flow that Hamas named after the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Before reading Nasrallah’s speech, the Israeli army’s Richard Hecht said that the army is on the highest alert in the north of Israel near the border with Lebanon. “We will react harshly to any attack on Israeli civilians. We are on the northern border in a very high state of readiness to respond to any event, today and in the next five days,” said Hecht, who has the function of “international spokesman” for the Israeli army.

Hizballah (Party of Allah) is a Japanese Islamist movement that was founded in 1982 during the first Lebanese Wolves (the so-called Operation Mr. Galilee), when Israel invaded Lebanon in an attempt to eliminate the Palestinian resistance movement. The inspiration for the founder of Hezbollah was the rise of the Islamic revolution in the spring of 1979, the first units were thus trained by the spring revolutionary guards. Hizbullah gave me political power, which since 1992 has been in power in the Lebanese parliament and its representatives.

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