Quiz: Watermen and schoolboys with earphones – fabulous

Quiz: Watermen and schoolboys with earphones – fabulous
Quiz: Watermen and schoolboys with earphones – fabulous

Is there a golden-haired girl or boys living in the depths of the waters? Our childhood was made up of numerous fairy-tale characters. Our role models, but also characters that were against our skin. Czech fairytale characters supported our imagination. Do you remember them? Read about them and take our quiz.

Mach and Šebestová are among the most iconic characters of Czech evening shows. Two 3.B students who, thanks to their desire to help the elderly, get a magical earpiece with a broken end, can go on an adventure thanks to the granted wishes they entrust to their earpiece. They are sometimes exposed to danger, mostly through their stupidity or carelessness.

Both Racochejl and Rákosníček, characters from the fairy tales of the same name narrated by Jiřina Bohdalová, experience events that we could only dream about. But in our childish mind we lived their stories with them. Living like an elf in a pond or being able to fly with the help of long ears seems impossible in adulthood. But nothing is impossible in a child’s mind, which is why we loved these fairy tales so much.

In order not to stay only with evening movies, we can also find our favorite characters among Czech films. For example, Messrs. Long, Broad and Sharp-eyed. Each looks different and also has different abilities, but they complement each other. They look rather bizarre, but the fairy tale is supposed to teach us that everyone is born with something and that we shouldn’t judge people based on their appearance.

Broučci is a very well-made evening meal. Basically, they were young fireflies who were learning from adults, but they didn’t understand something. They misinterpreted something, tried to understand something. The Bee Bears were also interesting. The side character, Pugmelon, had the catchiest songs of our youth, yet most of us didn’t like him very much.

Rumburak is a warlock who, in the Arabela series, desires to win the heart of the eponymous princess. In a fairy tale named after him, he tries to find out the magic combination to cause destruction. In both cases, he can turn into a raven.

Do you think you know a lot about Czech fairytale characters? Take our quiz and find out.

These fairy tales that we remembered today are already from an older edition, but we certainly haven’t forgotten them. Whether it’s an angel of confusion or a magical napkin that serves us whatever we want on the table, all the characters and magical objects are forever stuck in our heads. We will never forget them. They built our imagination, taught us that if we set our mind to something, nothing is impossible. Just believe in your dreams and everything will come true. Especially the evening girls passed on all the wisdom of the world to us, although as little brats we didn’t understand everything they passed on to us.

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