He’s not even ashamed? Vyoral was surprised who took all the metal from the hands of the communists

He’s not even ashamed? Vyoral was surprised who took all the metal from the hands of the communists
He’s not even ashamed? Vyoral was surprised who took all the metal from the hands of the communists

Did you see Peter Pavel’s speech on the anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia? What do you say about him? And how would you compare it to its predecessors?

I’ve only seen and read bits and pieces. I think that General Pavel, or rather the people around Petr Kolář, will not bring any new initiative or idea. Proof of that is the ridiculous quote from Batman in the speech. Mr. General apparently prefers the cinema to the library. Just another of the ridiculous PR propaganda attempts of the general’s team to bring him closer to ordinary people and especially the young. Similar to a flannel, a visual a la Masaryk, a kayak, a motorcycle, visits to music festivals or “accidentally” forgetting a helmet.

Otherwise, as far as the speech itself is concerned, the general fulfilled what he had to and what was necessary. And that’s right and that’s how it should be! Prefab phrases and platitudes like “It’s not Brussels that decides about us without us” glorifying the European Union, NATO and other transnational structures that helped to popularize Pavel on his way up. Of course, there was a positive mention of the “demigods” from Ukraine, through which the current government followed up on the liquidation of public finances by the previous government due to covid. In short, to be liked everywhere and by everyone, and especially by those above you.

Did you notice any names in the honors that you strongly disagreed with?


Do you agree that the SPOLU coalition is going to the European elections together?

voted: 3488 people

He strongly disagreed, I wouldn’t even say. I was honestly taken aback by some of them, however, from the point of view of the always pro-regime opportunism, Comrade General Pavel, now installed as president, was not surprised. For example, the protégé globalist heretic and brat Halík? There, the reason for the award quite escapes me. That is, the relevant one. In the same way, one could probably argue with other “liberal-democratic” cadres like Pithart, Schwarzenberg and Rychetský. In particular, the last mentioned – by the way, Pavlo’s former comrade from the Communist Party – apparently deserved it by his successful fight against the “lies and hatred” projected in the person of Andrej Babiš, when, as the president of the Constitutional Court, he was responsible for the possibility of further manipulations in the framework of the elections and the installation of the current collaborationist and treasonous group TOGETHER headed by the political eunuch Petr Fiala.

The awarding and awarding of medals to friends, acquaintances and people with similar views has been and will continue under all presidents, so Pavlov cannot be blamed for anything too much, but in the words of the classics: back off, back off. And also, logically, it is often really not easy to honestly choose people to be honored, as Paul’s predecessors mentioned, but it is not necessary to appreciate dozens of people for their so-called strength.

For me, the much sadder chapter is the award of Kubišová, Mišík or Mašínová. That is, their problem-free acceptance of those awards. Citizens who had problems under the previous regime are smilingly accepting an award from the hands of a former career communist, an intelligence officer and a person who was supposed to defend this regime from the position of a force? Really? And it’s not even April? And are they not ashamed of themselves at all? At least I had a slightly better opinion of Mr. Mišík, or rather of his intellect. However, it is each of their rights, so good for them. Without any pejorative.

And some correction and work off of their “youthful error” of thirty years of saluting in Western structures can be done by all sunbathers and possible naives. The fact that you crawl from one perfumed ass into another in order to always feel like a pig in the rye is not a correction or justification, on the contrary, it is just another example of character distortion and opportunism.

According to the court of first instance, Dominik Feri is guilty. Karel Schwarzenberg suggests that the court was not completely independent. Do you feel that Feri was not treated fairly? And what do you think of the words of the lawyer Hořejší, who is trying to turn Feri into a totally unscrupulous monster?

I don’t know the details and I’m not following the case fully, so I can’t fully judge. From what I have noted – and I am reposting that I like Dominik Feri about as much as an apple in a glass of red – I have the feeling that his media image has turned from a promising protégé of Euro-apparatus almost into a monster. I have no idea what was behind it. Maybe really just his – apparently illegal – behavior. But let’s not forget that the world is not black and white, every coin has several sides and so on. I don’t support Feri at all, but caution is always in order.

Andor Šándor was interviewed by Radio Prostor. And he was familiar with what is written about him on Wikipedia. “Sándor repeatedly expressed pro-Russian positions and rhetoric, using disinformation to question Russia’s activities in Western Europe. He repeatedly defends Putin and downplays his crimes by saying that Putin is not stupid.” Do you feel this description is accurate?

Of course it is misleading. As well as countless other information on Wikipedia. It is no surprise or secret that projects such as Wikipedia, Google and practically all search engines, Facebook and other social networks work in accordance with the current world globalist agenda. That is why we are witnessing deliberately misleading information, distortion of reality, censorship, the so-called Cancel culture – the culture of cancellation or erasure, denigration of some and uncritical glorification of others, and so on and so forth. In my opinion, Andor Šándor has a very sober view of things or an overview of things in a number of areas. And although, in my opinion, in some opinions it is gradually getting closer to those who manage Wikipedia, it is obviously still not enough. As soon as you are not completely at one with the so-called better ones, it is not enough and you are perceived as a class enemy.

Next year, the regulated part of the electricity price will probably increase. The Energy Regulatory Office (ERÚ) proposes a 71 percent increase in the regulated part of the electricity price for households next year. The Prime Minister claims that there will be no drastic price increase. Then followed the classic swearing at Babiš. Whom do you trust more, officials from the ERO or the promising prime minister?

We can recall the words of one of the members of Prime Minister Fiala’s government, who quite obviously does not represent the interests of the citizens of the Czech Republic, and on the contrary, acts against them: “Those promises were not set in a real economic framework and today they do not hold up in the face of reality.” Probably so. In the context of how many of its own specific promises this government has completely broken, perhaps not even a future special school or gender studies graduate just after conception can trust it. Although I wouldn’t be entirely sure about the latter case.

Jana Černochová wants to withdraw from the United Nations because of the organization’s attitude towards Israel. Is the Minister right when she says that the organization is useless? On the other hand, basically everyone is in the UN and it cannot be expected that the Czech Republic’s appearance would trigger a wave of departures.

Just a storm in a glass of water. One thing is that Černochová is a semi-literate hysteric who has lost about half as much sense as Drahoš. The second thing is that the UN is a globalist organization from which, just like the EU, NATO and other governing multinational institutions, they will not let you leave. I think that from the point of view of Černochová, or the current ruling clique, it was all about being as pontifical as possible like the pope. After uncritically pandering to Ukraine, and consequently to the United States of America, they show their orthodoxy by uncritically pandering to Israel. Nothing will really change.

Russia is said to have received 500,000 artillery shells from the DPRK. According to other sources, even a million. It then received drones from Iran, which it now manufactures itself. Don’t you think that some countries are unfairly underestimated, especially when it comes to military assets?

Some are underestimated and denigrated, others are uncritically overrated and glorified. That’s the case with everything, especially when it comes to politics and the mainstream media. We can also call it propaganda or wishful thinking that goes hand in hand with blindness, stupidity, careerism, opportunism, nepotism… You can find a bunch of other terms to describe it. And we can find clouds of examples just in recent years. Ukraine vs. Russia, Israel vs. Palestine, supporters vs. opponents of corona-fascism, socialism before 89 vs. “democracy” after 89, supporters vs. Opponents of a controlled migration invasion, green, gender or multicultural totalitarianism, the European Union, NATO… Think about it and install others yourself.

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author: Karel Šebesta

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