Bank shares – Erste vs. Koba vs. Coin – Shares EZ

Bank shares – Erste vs. Koba vs. Coin – Shares EZ
Bank shares – Erste vs. Koba vs. Coin – Shares EZ

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Bank shares – Erste vs. Koba vs. Coin

I’m not a trader, but I’m long and I’m from a passive loan, i.e. from dividends, so among other things, I’m interested in the price of the share when buying, i.e. the measure of risk versus div, or the price-to-performance ratio. At KB, in the coming years, I will pay about 50-60 + dividends. I don’t know when it will be, and I don’t care, I’m on the long side, so it’s only a matter of time before it happens. In addition, I think that with the decrease in rates, the interest on the KB will increase, and with that, its exchange rate will also increase. I would never go to Erste for a long time. The cloud of risk is full somewhere else, not at KB, but you obviously don’t want or don’t want to understand that, besides, I’m surprised by it, and besides, I don’t want to be taxed twice, and I don’t want to miss a return every year, and I don’t even want to study how it happened. Otherwise, ERSTE obviously has a bright potential for growth, but in my opinion KB has that – it can change a lot, but M. Moneta is now mostly (I estimate more than 50%) owned by PPF and related persons, so it is absolutely uninvestable for me. With PPF mm all my experience and principle I would not go anywhere where they are. PPF took out a loan and debt for the purchase only for years, and those debts are amazing. if I don’t have my own chapter in it, that’s not completely OK for me. If PPF were to go away from Moneta, I would be interested in it, but not at current prices.

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