Summary 3.11. – European and US markets in pluses, BCPP slightly in the red due to disappointment as a result of KB, the dollar weakens strongly, oil falls, gold, on the other hand, tests USD 2000

The Prask Stock Exchange posted the first week’s liquidity percentage slightly in the red compared to the long-term average and thus did not follow the general situation from abroad.

European markets, after an uncertain morning in the second half of the day, showed more buying mood, despite the best week for the Stoxx 600 index since the beginning of the run (+1.6%).

Markets are evaluating due to the flurry of corporate results for 3Q and central bank decisions. The central banks of the USA and Great Britain have left interest rates unchanged for the second half of the year, and the market deduces from this that further growth will not take place and the first dream could come relatively soon, especially in the middle of the fifth year. The official of the ECB indicates that the rates on external balances will remain “for some time”.

At first, the company’s results were somewhat contradictory today, when on the one hand Maersk fell by 17% and on the other side Siemens Energy grew by 10%. In particular, Maersk is considered to be a good indicator of the real development of the global economy, and its results indicate bad prospects in this direction.

The US stock markets are rising today in response to the Fed’s decision on rates, indicating that they have reached their peak and the process of their rate hikes is slowing down. In this sense, the market was confirmed by the data on the creation of jobs in the economy as a whole, indicating that it will certainly slow down, but again not in any way, which can be described as an ideal combination.


Today, for the fifth time in the second half of the day, after the US macros, the euro strongly sent above the dollar, based on a rather different outlook on the development of rates.

In the second half of the day, the koruna sent the euro and the dollar higher. For greenbacks, the movement was unusually sharp and the exchange rate fell below 23 CZK/USD.


Towards the afternoon, despite the weakening dollar, oil corrected the public growth. It is likely that this happened thanks to a comment led by Hizballah, which praised Hamas for moving towards Israel, but otherwise did not change the possibility of irho getting involved in the entire conflict. This brought a certain calm to the oil market, which was born of conflict throughout its long-term development.

In the second half of the day, gold willingly reacted to the strong weakening of the dollar and retested the passability of the USD 2,000 per ounce border for some time.


Today, BCPP was against the general development of the stock market due to the selling mood of KB, which as one of the Czech stock exchange bank stocks had a disappointing result. The EZ did not hit a slight growth in the morning, and towards the end of the day it drifted slightly into the red.

Literally, pieces of Pilulka shares, which found an apparent bottom below the 200K mark in the middle, soared by 50% towards 300K in the course of two sessions. At the close of January, the stock was hovering around 400K. economic development of the company and its financial health.

Prague Stock Exchange


Don’t call Course Change Volume Faith
COLT(CZG) 556.00 -0.71% 0.71 million 560.00
EZ 989.50 -0.25% 191.03 million 992.00
ERSTE 841.20 0.62% 104.54 million 836.00
GEN(NORTON) 395.00 0.00% NaNmil. 395.00
KB 690.00 -1.85% 134.47 million 703.00
KOFOLA 268.00 -1.11% 0.64 million 271.00
COIN 90.50 -0.33% 23.40 million 90.80
PHOTON 50.40 -2.70% 1.45 million 51.80
PILL 299.00 25.10% 3.49 million 239.00
P.M 16300.00 1.37% 4.69 million 16080.00
VIG 630.00 0.32% 1.65 million 628.00
Subject: Stock Exchange 466.08 million

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12 h – Europe grows slightly, BCPP loss due to unsatisfactory results of KB for 3Q, koruna stronger, oil and gold relatively calm


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