Komern banka shares vs. Coin – Shares EZ

Komern banka shares vs. Coin – Shares EZ
Komern banka shares vs. Coin – Shares EZ

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Komern banka shares vs. Coin

Why? I never went to see Monet. I left only and only because of PPF. If you mean that I spoke negatively about AIR pricing or the CEO’s servile approach to PPF, then yes, that’s what I wrote and I stand by it. There was no result for Moneta’s shares. It wasn’t about Moneta buying AIR, but the opposite. PPF would sell expensive AIR to Monet and thereby gain a current majority stake in Monet. Those who would cry over the longing would be Moneta’s shareholders, as their vileness would be fed. Simply, this is PPF, instead of offering a buyout and buying out half (90%) of the market and then giving a squeeze, choose a path that is on the border of legality with the aim of capturing minorities as much as possible. Anyone who was in O2 back then or watched it back then, what I’m talking about and how the PPF treated minorities. Yes, the KB act, after mm’s purchase, it gave up until the end of 2021 about 50%, while Moneta only a few %. Then the wolf drank in the UK and the price of the stock fell below 600 again, so at that time I was right that it was a good buy to sell Moneta and buy KB. I sold the rest of my aunt’s KB position at a price of 850-900 and thus realized a huge profit that I would not have had on Monet. Otherwise, Moneta currently has a free float of less than 50%, min. 50% of the action is controlled by the PPF together with the late persons, so it is not a problem for them to push the exchange rate to 100. Just anyone who uses common sense should ask themselves if this is normal, that Moneta was there before covid, while KB is about 40% n.

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