VIDEO: The thief from Ostrava was troubled by his conscience. He married and promised to live honestly


/PHOTO/ The police officers, whose department in Ostrava was visited in November by a 57-year-old recidivist from Ostrava, could not believe their eyes and ears. The man, who had almost thirty records in his criminal record, confessed to stealing a car with a contrite expression on his face. He says he has a bad conscience and can’t sleep. And that wasn’t all…

Regional Directorate of the Police of the Czech Republic, Ostrava

| Video: Diary/Jaroslav Perdoch

He also resolutely announced that he had decided to end his miserable life as a criminal. It is said that he will now live honestly.

To car theft stated that two days ago he found the car keys on the ground in the parking lot. He picked them up and then “flashed” the vehicle in question with them.

The thief also broke into Tomáš Černoch's garage.

I’ll deal with thieves, I’ll find a part-time job, I can work hard. He promised Ostravan after capture

“Allegedly, he couldn’t think of anything better than getting into the car. He knew he had driving ban, still he went to the forest. The front wheel was damaged due to the difficult terrain. The man also damaged the radio during bad handling,” said Eva Michalíková from the Moravian-Silesian Police, adding that the perpetrator locked the car and went home.

He lost the vehicle keys on the way. For two days he wrestled with his black conscience. But his better “ME” won out in the end. He visited the police, and then led them directly to the place where the law enforcement officers actually found the parked Opel Zafira.

Thieves broke into fourteen cars.

A pair of thieves stole cars in Ostrava. They had a hammer, they caught 14 cars in one night

The car worth 50,000 crowns could thus be returned to the owners. The man will be held responsible for the unauthorized use of another’s property, for which he faces up to two years in prison if convicted. “The man regretted his actions,” she concluded Eva Michalíková.

Hopefully this will really be his last punishment…


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