Used cars are increasing, prices are rising slightly, old age remains high

Used cars are increasing, prices are rising slightly, old age remains high
Used cars are increasing, prices are rising slightly, old age remains high

The October statistics monitoring the used car market in the Czech Republic are optimistic. The number of older cars in the offer is growing month-on-month, while the mileage remains practically the same. Prices are rising only moderately so far, but the age of the cars on offer is not decreasing.

Aures Holding, which, among other things, operates the AAA Auto car dealership network, reports interesting October numbers. Compared to September of this year, the Czech used market saw an increase of eight thousand cars to 108,000 cars, which represents a month-on-month increase of 7%. The median price also increased by five thousand to 205 thousand crowns, while the average mileage of the offered cars decreased by one thousand kilometers to 155,481 km. Unfortunately, the average age remains high, namely 10.7 years.

The youngest cars are offered in Prague (median age 8.3 years), on the other hand, you will come across the oldest offer in the Ústí and South Bohemia regions, where it reaches 13.1 years. In the capital of the Czech Republic, there are also used cars with the lowest mileage (130,965 kilometers) and the highest median price of 268,000 crowns. You can buy the cheapest in the Liberec region, where you pay an average of CZK 130,000 for a car. However, we will have to put up with the maximum mileage of 182,600 kilometers.

As for fuels, gasoline remains the most popular with a 52 percent share, diesel engines have 44 percent. The rest is accounted for by hybrids, electric cars and CNG and LPG cars.

The second-hand Škoda Octavia (10,242 units) is most often found on the Internet and in bazaars, followed by the smaller Fabia with 6,240 units and the flagship model of the Mladá Boleslav car company in the form of the Superb model (3,392 units). Only in fourth is a car of another brand, namely the Volkswagen Golf with 3,161 cars, which was on the bronze rung last October. The following positions have been unchanged for a long time. The fifth most frequently offered used car is the Volkswagen Passat, the sixth position was taken by the BMW 3 and the seventh place by the Ford Focus.

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