We will pay 600 million ron in addition, ds elezrny electricity price proposal

We will pay 600 million ron in addition, ds elezrny electricity price proposal
We will pay 600 million ron in addition, ds elezrny electricity price proposal

Apart from the prices of electronics, it is precisely one of the reasons for the preparation of the hundred. The government has failed in its basic wheels. One of them is the support of economic prosperity on the ground, and they put the opposite, commented the chairman of the Trade Union Kovo Roman uro, originally from the company Vtkovice Steel, on the proposal of the form of prices.

According to Radek Strouhal, general editor of Vtkovice Steel, high energy prices have a multifold impact on companies. For companies issuing emission allowances, it is essentially a hidden double tax, or the income from the allowances is primarily allocated to support renewable sources. And on top of that, the source raises distribution fees again, stated Radek Strouhal. It is also a furnace for decarbonization of full steelworks, where electric furnaces are the only meaningful way. But this can only be realized when electricity becomes available, he added.

Prices and competitiveness of the company

With electric furnaces in the future also in Tinec steel mills. The proposed investment will cost 600 million crowns per year. High energy prices have a dramatic impact on our competitiveness. The impact of the increase in the regulation of electricity prices and the re-introduction of the fee for renewable sources is extremely negative for us, stated the spokeswoman Petra Mackov Jurskov.

And a similar type of increase in regulated energy prices in another mining company, Liberty Ostrava. In addition to energy prices, costs for regulated electricity will increase by 30 percent. This also increases the pressure on companies, which are now suffering from competition from other EU countries, whose governments subsidize their energy investments, even from countries outside the Union that subsidize energy and do not pay carbon tax, Kateina Zajkov of Liberty Ostrava said.

According to the government compensation companies, the price increase is regulated by the decrease in the price of electronics on the stock exchange. But you don’t always have to pay that. Due to the turbulence on the market, when prices rose even threefold, we have fixed the prices of energy silos for the year 2024. At that time, there was no talk about ER’s proposal for external prices for large customers, Michal imr, editor of the food company Semix Pluso, described the situation of some companies.

As a result, high energy prices for businesses will affect everyone in some sectors. This year we are buying power electronics at a very high price. For the fifth year, we have a reduced price of about a quarter of that. But this will be replaced, if the draft ER is not changed, with a drastic change in regulated clauses. We will have to deal with the calculations of water and electricity for five years, explained Marek Sbrt, speaking for the water company SmVaK.

One of the small companies that is not worried about the increase in prices is the company OKD. The increase in fees will have a negative effect, but the interannual decrease in the price of power electronics will have a positive effect. We expect a decrease in total costs, said OKD spokeswoman Barbora ern Dvokov.

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