Kladno beat Sparta at home only once in ten years. How will it go today?


The matches between Kladno and Sparta were always a highlight in the highest Czechoslovak and then Czech hockey league. But in recent years, the Knights have been winning, and if they have, they have beaten the rival on his ice. They did it at home only once in the last ten years! Will he try to break this record tonight?

The Kladno – Sparta derby was successful for the Praguers, the home team was not enough for them. But Jake Dotchin didn’t finish because of the fight with the Boy and still got a disciplinary stop sign.

| Photo: Roman Mareš

When, on December 28, 2013, Tomáš Kaberle scored in overtime of an otherwise botched match with Sparta, where Kladno lost a 4:0 lead and “only” won 5:4 for two points, hardly anyone thought that in the next ten years, the Knights of their rival he will beat in front of his fans only once. It was three years ago at the end of the regular season, and Sparta gave a lukewarm performance then, which Kladno took advantage of (4:2).

On the other hand, there haven’t been that many matches since then in 2013. Exactly five. Otherwise, the Kladno team struggled in the I. League or played “at home” in Chomutov… Otherwise, however, the narrower Kladno ice is evident to the Praguers, and they usually dominate it. They also did it at the beginning of this year, when they took a lightning lead and eventually won 7:1.

Hockey Sparta reacts to injuries, they brought Mužík from the north of Europe

Kladno have improved since then and recently even scored six times in a row before being beaten by the powerful Pardubice on Sunday.

Both teams have recently lost their best players. In Kladno, captain Tomáš Plekanec announced the end of his career, while in Sparta, the productive Michal Řepík, who scored two goals for the Knights in the first match, dropped out of the lineup. However, the people of Prague immediately strengthened, from Litoměřice they took the help of the Finnish shooter Riku Sihvonen and from Tampere, Finland they brought in Radek Mužík.

Tomáš Divíšek, head of the sports department of hockey Sparta

Exchanges? We will not be crazy, says Divíšek. However, Sparta will follow Krejčí

In theory, Kladno could take Petr Ton Jr. from Litoměřice, which would be spicy, because his dad is the manager of Sparta.

The home team mainly believes that they will be able to break the miserable record with Sparta in recent years and that they will succeed in front of their fans after a long time. It starts at 6 p.m.

Sparta hockey players beat Třinec 3:2 at home after extra time.

Again in the settings. Kestner scored Sparta’s win over Třinec


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