Disasters of passenger ships. There is Titanic in the obt pot and in the fourth place

Disasters of passenger ships. There is Titanic in the obt pot and in the fourth place
Disasters of passenger ships. There is Titanic in the obt pot and in the fourth place

Ship shipping is cheap but slow. Today, passenger ship transport is used for summer cruises, because modern ships can offer luxury for which some passengers are willing to pay exorbitant sums. The second important segment is the transportation of large numbers of people, often including other means of transport, such as passenger cars, buses, or even train sets. In this case, the enormous carrying capacity of ships and vessels is replaced by non-existent bridges.

In dusty areas, the ship is deployed on lines where the demand for goods exceeds the transport capacity, so they are often petted. As a result, if there is a leak, the cost of the product can very quickly reach the high numbers. Help is far away, the water is not at a level where a hunter would be at home, and when you drink too much… Today, let’s imagine the seven biggest shipwrecks, in order of the number of victims (the list does not include a ship sunk by a military intervention).

1 MV Doña Paz and MT Vector, 1987 uhote na moi is hell

The motor vessel MV Doña Paz (Motor Vessel) was not among the vessels. She was built by Hiroi Shipyard and launched on April 25, 1963 as Himeyuri Maru. At that time, it had a capacity of 608 passengers and 2,324 GRT (Gross Register Tonnage) of shipping space. In June 1975, she was purchased by the Philippine company Sulpicio Lines and named Don Sulpicio (after the owner). Don Sulpicio was one of the company’s two flagships. The other was Doña Ana.

In June 1979, a leak broke out on board, the boat had to run into a mill and was completely burnt out. All 1,164 people on board were saved. Lo was immediately written off as a total loss. The Nicmn company bought the wreck, repaired it and made changes in exchange for an outside transport capacity of 1500 pasar. In 1981, the ship entered service under the new name Doña Paz.

The last voyage left on December 20, 1987 to the island of Leyte. Clem was born in the capital city of Manila on the island of Luzon. The line was regularly serviced. Because it was approaching Christmas, this time the demand for places on the ship was enormous. The crew used to stick their pay to the pay, winked at it and took more passengers on board than the capacity of the ship. Before last year’s holiday, she was bursting at the seams. It was later discovered that there were about 4,000 people on board.

Motor boat MV Doña Paz captured before the disaster

The crew approached the vows very slowly. On the bridge were the helmsman and the officer who had the first job. The others rested, drank beer, and the captain watched a movie in his cabin. At 10:30 p.m., the bell rang out and the metal began to crack. The tanker MT Vector (Motor Tanker) of the Caltex Philippines company, carrying over two million liters of gasoline and other petroleum products, crashed into the ship, whose pin is still unknown.

The lights went out on the ship Doña Paz, but a dazzling orange light came on again. The MT Vector load ignited from the sparks created by the dark metal. The decks of the ships turned into a fiery inferno from which there was no escape. Both the ice and the sea surface are within a radius of hundreds of meters. Pestoe lo o nmon netst, vtina people were burned, suffocated after inhaling fumes or had pleurisy. Only 25 passengers and two men went from the MV Doña Paz from the tanker MT Vector, which was picked up from the sea by the crew of the motor ship MS Don Claudio (Motor Ship).

The MV Doña Paz sank two hours after the collision. Tanker MT Vector went to the bottom after those hours. The ship sank at a depth of around 500 m. In Manila, they began to search for the MV Doña Paz, and when she did not arrive at the dock in the scheduled time. The rescue action was slow and drank late. The inspection found that the MT Vector did not have the documents on technical inspections and the crew, including the captain, did not have valid certificates. At first, after several repairs, Zvren worked her way up to 4,385 displacements, which is triple the RMS Titanic.

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