Economic results as of 9/30/2023

Economic results as of 9/30/2023
Economic results as of 9/30/2023

The total volume of loans provided by the KB Meziron Group rose by 2.7% to K808.3 billion;

The total volume of client deposits in the KB Group increased by 1.2% to K 1,022.4 billion. Since the beginning of this year, the volume of deposits increased by 11.5%;

The volume of assets of KB Group clients in mutual funds, pension schemes and life insurance increased by 14.7% to K 240.7 billion;

The Komern Bank Group handled 2,218,000 orders. Komern banka alone had 1,665,000 clients, an increase of 14,000;

KB introduced its New Era of Banking in April, at the end of which more than 50,000 clients were using the new KB digital bank;

Results for the nine months of 2023: Total revenues fell by -6.9% to K27.0 billion. Operating expenses between years rose by 7.7% to K13.0 billion.

items in vi -1.0 billion K. ist profit by shares decreased by -4.9% to 12.4 billion K;

Results for the third quarter of 2023 alone: ​​Total revenues were down by -9.5% to K8.9 billion. Operating expenses rose by 7.2% to K3.9 billion.

items in vi -0.1 billion K. sure profit by shares reached 4.3 billion K, a decrease of -8.5%;

The volume of the regulatory capital reached K 106.5 billion, capital adequacy reached 20.2% and the indicator of the core Tier 1 capital reached 19.6%;

KB had 72,934 shares (about 5,576), of which 66,869 were natural persons from the Czech Republic.

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