Komern banka shares vs. Coin vs. Erste – EZ shares

Komern banka shares vs. Coin vs. Erste – EZ shares
Komern banka shares vs. Coin vs. Erste – EZ shares

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Komern banka shares vs. Coin vs. Erste

Not long ago, you wrote that the KB divi will have 50K and you will have the pipout 55? And what if KB throws a pitchfork at you and invites you to die like I have you Monet? Then wonder how? Look, and for my own KB, is there a payment ratio? In it? And is it time for bank stability or not? And MREL issued bonds worth 8% pa for Monet, and it did not issue such bonds for KB? And how is the etn value of KB and how is Monety? How are my KB and Moneta reserves? How big is KB’s retained earnings and how much is Moneta’s? Well, don’t study anything. So you didn’t convince me that it’s reasonable to sell KB now, which is 35% down compared to ATH, and buy Moneta at the local maximum for that price. In addition, Moneta has a fragmented share structure dominated by PPF with practically 50%, which whatever the decision is, the minority should not spend on it, because PPF will want to spend. But they invented it somehow in PPF, we know them and have historical experience with them – see. O2 or try to sell AIR Monet at a completely ridiculous price and get a majority in Monet. Who did Spurn kick for then? For minorities or for PPF? Lots of comments Fenyle… :o)

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