Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Louisville Cardinals: News, Tidbits, and Predictions

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Louisville Cardinals: News, Tidbits, and Predictions
Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Louisville Cardinals: News, Tidbits, and Predictions

It’s almost showtime. What’s the football news, and what are the predictions for this one. This one is going to be difficult to predict because the head and heart are at odds with each other. GO HOKIES!!!

The First and Most Obvious Choice for the #25

After 5 field goals and making every PAT, John Love gets the #25 for the Louisville game. His foot might become critical in this one.

And Love received some external recognition for his “toe-riffic” performance last week.

Other Big Mentions Outside of the Program

John Love isn’t the only Hokie starting to attract national attention, though. APR is widening lots of eyes and having a major impact.

And the Bednarik Award Committee has noticed.

On the Other Side of the LOS

Bhayshul is the 2nd highest PFF graded Running Back for last week. Let’s see a repeat Mr. Tuten!

And Just in Case You Forgot

Time to Put It on the Line

Bryan Manning

It’s hard to believe we are at this point. It is November, and the Hokies are playing for something meaningful. We were spoiled for so long, that this time, it takes some getting used to again. If you had asked me about this game 4-6 weeks ago, I would’ve been like, “How much do they lose by?” I don’t feel that way anymore. I don’t want to sound overconfident, as I still see Virginia Tech’s flaws, but this is a team playing with confidence on both sides of the ball. The Hokies are believing in Brent Pry and his message. I do believe we’ve seen a shift.

As for Saturday. I think it comes down to the wire. A key matchup could be the VT DL vs. the Louisville OL. The Cardinals are battling some injuries. Louisville, of course, is led by center Bryan Hudson, a former Hokie. Tech has like 15 sacks over the last two games. While I am not sure they hit 7-8 again on Saturday, I do believe Antwaun Powell-Ryland makes a difference. Offensively, we continue to see the evolution of Kyron Drones.

I really could see this going either way, but I will give the slight edge to the home team.

Louisville 27. Hokies 23

John Schneider

This one is really difficult because the heart, mind, and gut are all arguing in different directions. There are so many “IF THEN ELSEs” with this it looks like a BASIC program from the 1980’s. IF the Hokies come out hot, score points, and put Jack Plummer in a bag like they did to Syracuse last Thursday. The Hokies can win this one and look really good doing it. Now, the problem is that two critical first half drives ended in -4s instead of touchdowns, and the head still says that the OC hasn’t figured out how to call plays inside the 15. IF the Hokies cannot get the ball across the goal line nearly every time they get into the red zone, it could be a long game. ELSE!! The defense has to step up and put heavy pressure on the Louisville QB who can be panicked into throwing the ball away – preferably to the Hokies.

So… it’s a really tough call. The spread should be much closer than the 9.5 that the Cardinals are giving to the Hokies. Louisville blanked Duke because it knocked Duke’s starting QB out of the game. Drones is not Leonard. There are so many IFs because there are so many chances in this for the Hokies to walk away with an upset.

I think that they pull this one off. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but no matter the win or lose situation Tech will beat the spread by winning. I just have to go with my heart and the closer analytics than the wise guys are considering.

30-24 Hokies

That’s It for the Game Prep. Now for Kickoff.


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